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Royal Crown – Survival MOBA Now Available on Steam and Mobile

LINE Games Corporation announced that its new multi-platform Survival MOBA ‘ROYAL CROWN‘, developed by Meerkat Games and serviced by LINE Games, has launched globally on mobile and PC.

ROYAL CROWN is LINE Games’ first multi-platform title that supports cross-play between mobile devices and PC. The user interface design has been tailored for each platform to enhance the overall play experience.

It brings together up to 60 players on a real-time battlefield, and supports various modes including ‘Solo Mode’ that crowns the last man standing as well as co-op ‘Squad Mode’ that players can put their teamwork skills to test.

Set in a medieval fantasy background where magic and science coexist, ROYAL CROWN is a beautiful fantasy-themed MOBA imbued with RPG elements. Players will participate in the scenario’s grand competition to select the strongest hero of all, where they can choose to play as magicians, archers, assassins and more from the game’s roster of 15 characters that can be collected.

The game will challenge players to come up with various strategies to eliminate competitors in a battlefield with an ever-closing boundary, making the most out of the surrounding environment including monsters and resources to level up and gear up their characters.

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