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Call Of Duty 2020 Blackout RETURNING in Warzone | Black Ops Cold War Zombies Battle Royale Explained

Call Of Duty 2020 Blackout RETURNING in Warzone | Black Ops Cold War Zombies Battle Royale Explained You Can Purchase My New Beanie Hats On My …


47 thoughts on “Call Of Duty 2020 Blackout RETURNING in Warzone | Black Ops Cold War Zombies Battle Royale Explained

  1. Kelly Reply

    how cool would it be if you died to the gas instead of your game ending you got to be a zombie and hunt other players down until you die? maybe your team can buy a cure or revive you..or maybe not could be an interesting mode

  2. Brandon Brookins Reply

    Zombies could come to warzone . Warzone is basically call of duty mobile on the console. The mobile game has the rc car it had zombies. They probably making the console like the mobile

  3. Oni Master Reply

    So..you're telling me that Cold war will have:
    a warzone zombies mode
    and ZOMBIES
    …How is NO ONE talking about how much of a disaster this game sounds? Especially for the zombies mode and the limited funds for it?

  4. Nick P Reply

    I think the blackout map will be put into warzone so that there will be two maps to choose from. It won't split the player base that bad since warzone will be in both MW 2019 and Black Ops 2020 so there will be a lot of people playing it.

  5. Tristan Lake Reply

    I loved Blackout but love Warzone more because of the more realistic aspect and map size but I prefer BO4s looting/bag system over load out drops and ground variants any day. The whole point of BR modes is luck of looting and stacking kills for better loot. So risking gunfights earns you a better chance of weapons whereas MW you just run around buildings for 30 secs till you can get anything in the game at your call.. wish they didn’t change the system hopefully Treyarch keeps the old system and maybe they’re just re skinning the map/ adding the newer mechanics/engine/ aresenal? Whatever happens I’ll give it a shot I’m super excited for zombies and MP more than anything cause I don’t really trust they’ll make BR gold quite yet

  6. TheBigHomie Joe Reply

    I don't play these over armored battle Royale modes on Cod period, hopefully they give us a option to skip the updates to those modes all together because I don't give 2 fucks about them

  7. Spiderman 3891 Reply

    dkdynamite, awesome video. 😁👍

    I'm a bit behind on your videos because of a recent…🤔…"involuntary relocation" and I haven't been able to watch YouTube as often. Hopefully, that'll change soon. 🤞

  8. First Last Reply

    What if Blackout was always on the MW engine. If you go back to a video that TGR did a while back comparing the maps of BR's you can see the Blackout map fits nicely Inside the MW map.

  9. David Bertram Reply

    Warzone zombies? Interesting. Also I hope zombies is amazing this year, everyone that can gave us zombies in the past is gone. Aside from a couple of people. But I agree with you. I cannot wait to see what the future of Call of Duty Holds

  10. DaveLovesGames Reply

    Just my .02 as a fellow content creator, I think it is highly possible that we see a delay in what would be considered a full game for CoD 2020 and instead we get an expansion to Warzone that incorporates more elements from the Black Ops universe as a soft launch for their next title which I could see potentially being only zombies/campaign initially. This very well could be the year that unifies the sub-franchises and allows all of the studios to reduce overhead/development time by pooling resources across their titles in an F2P client which would allow players to receive much more content.

  11. Dustin Bowman Reply

    Liked the idea of porting warzone into 2020 and just keep making warzone fresh for years to come now we gotta play a new battle royal and warzone will die I just want one huge call of duty BR and update it every season just like fortnite has done they did a killer job with that game but hate the game but they killed it there's to many cod BRS

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