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Call Of Duty 2020 REVEAL Date This Week Teased | David Vonderhaar ADMITS Treyarch Zombies Secret!

Call Of Duty 2020 REVEAL Date This Week Teased | David Vonderhaar ADMITS Treyarch Zombies Secret! Thumbnail Credit From DeviantArt …


44 thoughts on “Call Of Duty 2020 REVEAL Date This Week Teased | David Vonderhaar ADMITS Treyarch Zombies Secret!

  1. 8bit phoenix Reply

    please remember what happened with black ops 4 if you had since the first few months, they fucked everyone hard just to give more love to blackout and the rest of the game suffered, specially zombies.
    Remember, no preorders.

  2. Josh Stevey Reply

    Can you do a Horror-related video if Zombies for the CoD (If even it is revealed) and any of the possible new Resident Evil stuff (The Mercenaries for the RE3 remake or for Resisrance could be coming, and RE8 may also be getting revealed) Just curious.

  3. SAVAGEXD 29 Reply

    Actually we have confirmed that the new call of duty is going to be called call of duty black ops like the 1st black ops and it might be a remake. There has also been a new leak with the logo for the new call of duty and it says call of duty black ops along with another leak with a new early alpha

    Also theres been a new mode leaked called WZ ZM which means warzone zombies mode so maybe it will be 150 players vs zombies which would be really cool

  4. Blackbox Reply

    Cod 2020 needs: Ted & Tranzit. Remake maps are fine. Black ops 2 or 3 hit detection/ time to kill. Lastly heavy free customization. Pants, backpack helmet or mask etc. skins are overrated and a cheap way out! More customization

  5. FoRiel115 Reply

    I wonder if they will go back to what they had originally planned for tranzit, where you will have to complete the moon easter egg to get the blown up version of tranzit, as for if you dont complete it everything in tranzit is just fine but zombies running around. However this time because you can complete the moon ee on Bo3 it might go based of bo3 instead, you can even do the ee solo so more of an opening for treyarch. I agree 100% with you DK.

  6. Mkadt Reply

    Black out sucked so bad. If they would put as much effort into a campaign and zombies as they do the Multiplayer, it would be a lot better game.

  7. xenotebook Reply

    Idk they have got to pull something real big off that hits because after bo4 that trust is just gone. Im willing to jump back into zombies, I just want more transparency on what i'm buying this time around.

  8. Andrew Kiely Reply

    It might be smart to have your standard round based zombies, with small yet rewarding quests. Wonder weapon upgrades, lethal equipment upgrades, etc. this would be for round based players and the classic experience lovers. For the Easter egg centric players, is Raid mode similar to Destiny/Destiny 2 to advance the story narrative. Also make these extra rewarding for those who complete then. Exclusive skins for guns/characters, huge divinium bonus.

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