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Call Of Duty League 2020 Season | Dallas Empire Home Series | Day 2

The fifth home series of the 2020 Call of Duty League season is live on April 10, 11, and 12 on YouTube Gaming. The Dallas Empire are virtually hosting the …


17 thoughts on “Call Of Duty League 2020 Season | Dallas Empire Home Series | Day 2

  1. G0TTHACANN0N Reply

    Where does florida mutineers get their internet from. Im in a monoploly area of spectrum internet that sucks and um trying to move to a good internet area.. I get 2 mb upload at the most and drop an average of 15 kills a game in plunder. I know i can hit 30s easy but the internet is inconsistent. Where in florida can i get good internet

  2. Cody Ceynar Reply

    People were talking mad shit about scumps bad performance day 1…turns out he had the ranger foregrip on instead of merc foregrip. It shows how much of a difference it made with him breaking the kill record and slaying out day 2.

  3. Daniel Lynch Reply

    Yo COD league, I understand you have to put ads during your broadcast, but how about do them for 5 mins while you're on a break and then that's it, because 30 mins between matches with 25 mins of ads, or a fucking countdown clock is dog shit content 😂😂. The casters could possibly interact with the thousands of viewers supporting your channel maybe, just an example🤔just to eat up some time and answer some questions about the previous series or map

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