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Call of Duty League 2020 Season | Seattle Surge Home Series | Day 3

The eighth home series of the 2020 Call of Duty League season is live on May 22, 23, and 24 on YouTube Gaming. The Seattle Surge are virtually hosting the …


36 thoughts on “Call of Duty League 2020 Season | Seattle Surge Home Series | Day 3

  1. Choco-YT Reply

    Nameless contradicts himself so much before tourny was saying prestinni move was to premature should have waited now he says it was a good decision 😂

  2. rory luukas Reply

    The brain is a weird thing man… to have flipped Envoys hearing around. I knew you can trick your brain into making yourself see upside down but never seen it happen with someones hearing!!

    If you are wondering how to make yourself see upside down btw it is hilarious. Because you actually already see upside down due to how the light enters your eye, your brain is used to switching it the other way. Get a triangular prism, place it over your eyes so as to flip everything upside down, spend an entire day right until you pass out at night. When you wake up, your vision will be flipped lol.

  3. Dirty Reply

    Envoy mentioned in the interview that they just needed to fix some things, go over some more vods and they would come back out firing! dangerous team!

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