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Call of Duty Warzone – This gun surprised me!

COD Warzone this gun surprised me, the RAM7 is actually not bad!. I’ve made a build I think works well for Warzone! Sponsored by Nvidia and PCSpecialist.


49 thoughts on “Call of Duty Warzone – This gun surprised me!

  1. Lord Vader Reply

    I think the SBMM in warzone works by each person having their own skill rating kinda like BF4. So if ur in a squad it compiles them all some way, and matches your squad that way. That way ur "squad" skill is always fluctuating, even if there is all the same squad members. I think it might also reset everyday or something because I found, especially during seaon 3, when our squad won a game, we wouldn't end up getting another win in that same day. I haven't really been keeping track during season 4, but usually all the lobbies after the winning game were super sweaty 🤔

  2. Ciuchina Arthur Reply

    Game deleted a sincee they closed crossplay,full of cheaterss enjoyed the game on console but since crossplay is off you have to play against pc …game sucks.cheaters ruined the game whit there wallhack

  3. Tom Reply

    Would be awesome if you play the three of you, but join a random and play quads… Maybe you could help someone get a win who otherwise struggles, or maybe you could let them lead the group of pros 😂

  4. Julio Reply

    When approaching a loadout drop I drop the guns I'm not gonna use just before I reach the loadout, that way you don't have to shuffle through the weapons you drop once you get your loadout

  5. Mvp JJ Reply

    Hey Jack Frags I got a question for you. I am planning on getting the Xbox series X but I don't know what would be the best gaming monitor for it do you have any suggestions?

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