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Call of Duty World At War Final Fronts (PS2)

A surprisingly impressive spin-off to World At War. Final Fronts is a rather shamefully ignored recreation of the same experience on the current generation …


47 thoughts on “Call of Duty World At War Final Fronts (PS2)

  1. Philip Glancey Reply

    I managed to pick this game up for £1 and it runs perfectly one my PS2 (slim) which costed £10. A bit of advice for anyone who wants to pick up a PS2 and/or CoD WaW go to car-boot sales and charity shops and for all those 'mericans out their check out your local 'Goodwill Store'.

  2. Mo Fo Reply

    Yeah, God forbid anyone mentioning the word God and hurting your poor feelings. Why does it bother everyone so much that some people have different beliefs than them?

  3. JakVM999 Reply

    This game actually doesn't look too bad. People give it a lot of shit, but it's a PS2 game, and considering the amount of half assed PS2 releases still coming out next to full out current gen releases in 2008, this was actually a damn good PS2 game… I still like Big Red One better as far as last gen console CoD games go… but this is still pretty impressive for a game that came out two years into the PS3/360's life cycle.

  4. dinosaur5551 Reply

    yo some of us don't have $300 to buy PS3 or the crappy PS4 that's coming out i only paid $30 for my PS2 and the three games and memory card i got with it. And that's subtracting my trade in credit of $45.46. so zip it and use your brain to think about what to say. Thats why god gave u one.

  5. UndeadProdigy Reply

    well alot of times people feel like sticking to that system so they make a kindve different version on that specific system, ps3 wasnt very cheap not many people could afford it,all world at war versions except for the ds are pretty good

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