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HUGE NEW CALL OF DUTY 2020 DETAILS HAVE LEAKED. ▻If you enjoyed this video, then hit “LIKE” & subscribe for the latest on COD 2020! ▻Check …


33 thoughts on “HUGE NEW CALL OF DUTY 2020 NEWS LEAKED…

  1. MrDalekJD Reply

    Hope you're all having a great Friday! Where the notification squad at? 👀 Can't believe it's nearly July and we still don't have any OFFICIAL details yet a TON of new details have reportedly leaked that could actually be TRUE! Be sure to watch the entire video to not miss out but I'd love to know your thoughts below! How desperate are you to see SOMETHING from Treyarch about COD 2020? I appreciate you all so much for tuning in and supporting the channel 💚

  2. JJ 1350 Reply

    I hope the health is not at 150 and at 100 I started playing bo4 a few months late and although the guns are stronger you still have to hit people at least 5 times with some weapons while if you have been playing you can get 2-3 shots kills.

  3. PrimoZero Reply

    Once I heard the 150 health I started getting sketched out because if this game runs like BO4 I'm not playing it. Like straight up, I hate that game and the way it plays to the point of just not playing cod 2020 if this will be the case. Lord please make this like BO1 or BO2 so I can be happy again😂

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