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*NEW* Chopper LMG Gameplay (FREE VERSION + LuckyDraw) | Call of Duty Mobile | COD Tips

In today’s video we do the new lucky draw with the Price skin and new CHOPPER LMGJoin my discord and chat with me/join giveaways!


29 thoughts on “*NEW* Chopper LMG Gameplay (FREE VERSION + LuckyDraw) | Call of Duty Mobile | COD Tips

  1. Pgh boost shop Reply

    Hey brother, long time fan here, I think I subbed right around szn 1. I really enjoy ur content, I’m a numbers guy and absolutely love ur work on stats, and all your vids in general. But hey the reason for this comment is I was watching another one of my fav cod mobile YouTube vids today which listed their opinion of top guns in the game currently. All thru the vid stats from your website were used and posted thru out the video and several other videos in the past. Matter fact I know several of the you tubers not only use ur stats but the images of the stats from ur website. In the past a lot of them would give u a shout out and maybe recommend u for a sub. But lately the hawk shout outs are happening less and less. This comment is not to start drama or to stir things up. I just want to make sure you are
    Getting what you deserve. Perhaps you and your fellow you tubers have something worked out where you are compensated. ( I hope that’s the case) becuz your hard tedious work is being used to improve their videos. Pls let me know when you see this comment and if u would prefer to respond privately just let me know and I’ll shoot u my email. But once again I’m a big fan and I hope to hear
    From u!!

  2. LRMTB Reply

    Does anyone know if the annihilator is coming back again? I wasnt able to play cod mobile during the time it was released due to some sort of server issue and ive clearly missed out does anyone know? Thanks

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