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Once Again, I Am Pissed Off About Call of Duty 2020

Once Again, I Am Pissed Off About Call of Duty 2020 Don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed the video today! Subscribe to the channel and hit that bell to get …


40 thoughts on “Once Again, I Am Pissed Off About Call of Duty 2020

  1. StereoRifles Reply

    I"m in total agreement my brotha. They are def folowing IW's footsteps 100%. Also, you were cooking on that first clip on search. But why were you wasting your stim shots?

  2. Colm O'Sullivan Reply

    Every leak I hear that makes cod 2020 sound like mw 2019, makes me pissed off, cause 1 I'd like an original title, 2 an actual good game (which mw is far from) and 3 any game that doesn't play like mw

  3. Gabriel Garcia Reply

    It's all about brand recognition – It's the safe choice and that is what Activision and Treyarch need – safe choices. It would be neat if they had just called it COD: Cold War and use that for the next triptych of titles.

  4. Opulent Gaming Reply

    As I’ve said in some of my videos, they have every excuse in the world to delay this game and make it good but instead they’re going to rush it to get it out cause they wanna get paid and this games going to bounce like a damn basketball. I liked the original Black Ops A LOT it’s arguably my favorite COD ever. But the lack of creativity is shocking to me.

  5. Urboyyycarlos Reply

    I agree but to progress your point,its not "lack of originality"..
    Its the fear of creativity,they don't have the confidence to name it differently since they know it can affect sales and overall image.
    Every sub series in cod,was either hated or forgotten,except for the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series.
    Some fans want a Ghosts 2 or AW 2 but it won't happen,the majority of the community won't buy into it.
    This is a shame,the only studios that can be different is Shg and Raven

  6. FrainBreeze AM Reply

    I don't really blame Treyarch for not having a very creative name since this year was supposed to be Sledgehammer's year. But yeah it's kind of too much of a cop out by activision at this point

  7. Noble Six Reply

    I 100% agree with you. If they're really this lazy about the title of cod 2020. I'm worried about the game. Especially since they are already having a few remastered maps from black ops again from previous games in the series. Hopefully they do something new that's good.

  8. Brian Mola Reply

    Honestly JB I’m with you, I want a new title from treyarch. Like you said at least infinity ward branched out a bit with ghosts and infinite warfare and they failed so that’s why they were able to return to the modern warfare series in the form of a reboot. Treyarch just keeps making more and more black ops games and a lot of people including i didn’t like black ops 4, it tarnished the black ops name and the series’s reputation and it was also milking the black ops franchise. But all we can do now is just hope that we get a new title from treyarch instead of another black ops game. Heck infinity ward is the only legacy cod developer to have branched out a bit and treyarch has only sticked with black ops for so long.

  9. TheDynaMight Reply

    Props for speaking your mind, personally I don’t mind the name, it’ll probably be lazy and rehashed content but at the least it will be fun even if for a short time lol

  10. CAPITAL Reply

    I think they changed the name from black ops cold war to just black ops at the last minute to trick the fans. At this point I just want a good cod, but I doubt it.

  11. James Astbury Reply

    Heres a ak47 set update (no full class)

    Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor

    Lazer: Tac Lazer

    Stock: Skeleton stock

    Underbarrel: Ranger Foregrip

    Ammunition: 5.45x39Mm 30-Round Mags

    Also season 4 out tonight 11PM PDT if you haven't heard the news. Call of duty cold war is a better name for a cod game

  12. Mohammed Haque Reply

    Bro we both know call of duty is out of ideas, no creativity, same maps most likely, literally re-skin for 50 pounds I’m not down for it, MW is trash, I’m confident this game will be trash to, we just gotta accept it, all the cods have been trash apart from WW2 in my opinion

  13. HACK N' SLASH Reply

    Activision has hopped on the Remake Bandwagon at this point. Majority of games coming out are Remakes and Remasters of games. Its gonna get to the point that it's like movies in the early 2000's where all we got was Remakes until the market dies out. Only then we will get unique and new innovative ideas. We most likely will be seeing the Call of Duty: Black Ops revela trailer tomorrow at 4PM Eastern Time. Tomorrow at 4PM is the PlayStation 5 Reveal Event and since Call of Duty is a PlayStation partner and that is why we have the DLC exclusivity deal, we will most likely see it tomorrow at the PlayStation event.

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