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5 Reasons Cyberpunk 2077’s Open World Will Be The MOST BELIEVABLE World Yet!

Today we are going over 5 BIG reasons the Open World of Cyberpunk 2077 Is going to push the boundaries on believably, design, visual design and density of …


46 thoughts on “5 Reasons Cyberpunk 2077’s Open World Will Be The MOST BELIEVABLE World Yet!

  1. TheNeonArcade Reply

    Cyberpunk 2077 Lore Explained Playlist! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KyoN0foBZQ&list=PL4oIv9QY_YATZnEp8kTDsgoysrdFi3gm7


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  2. Awesome Skeleton Reply

    Has anyone seen "THE RUNNING MAN MOVIE" ? I would be so happy if CDPR added a mission where your part of a gameshow and have to fight to survive bad guys.. My vision of this mission is when our character is out and about looking for a person or thing and is kidnapped by badguys then wakes up on a chair tied up and a older man dressed in a suit approaches him or her and starts talking about this gameshow and how its the number gameshow in Night City and the camera will show 1980s style tvs in the background on the wall showing the fans cheering so these bad guys will put the character on this human torpedo transportation vehicle that will launch our character into these small tube like tunnels to the location where the gameshow begins, it doesn't have to be exactly like the movie but similar in a way. I would be so freakin happy if they added something like this in the game. If you seen the Running man with Arnold Schwarzenegger, you'll know what I'm talking about 🙂

  3. Rowan Melton Reply

    I hope they include stuff like eating and sleeping, I know it's such an insignificant and small thing, but stuff like that makes a game so much more immersive. I know they included it Witcher 3 as a health regen, but I think that takes away from the immersion for some reason, eating just felt like a substitute for health potions. If they had additional bars, which when they were empty, would effect your gameplay, that would be amazing.

    Either way, this is gonna be a game of the decade

  4. Nick Hubbard Reply

    Almost positive the delays have a bit to do with new gen coming out late 2020, which i approve of. The immersive RPG experience that this game will provide will only be further enhanced by the new gen processing power, in fact i dont think ill even bother getting it for current gen. Theres def a cap to what the current console can output and i just dont think it will do the game the justice it deserves. Hell, I wouldnt be surprised if they delayed it until november and released a themed Series X bundle to go with it. Thats where the love gonna be.

  5. twystd Reply

    i feel like you were hungry during this video, marbled steaks and sundaes

    aye im right there with u doe xd

    also i think its amazing and nuts that cdpr hired actual city planners to make night city, so cool

  6. Sam60420 Reply

    A true VR/AR version of cyberpunk would be insane. This game will be revolutionary, the world itself may end up being implemented in the real world sometime.

  7. Mid Air Reply

    i dont get the hype, this game looks like every first person shooter out there. if CDPR does the same mistake as with witcher 3's gameplay, it will be mediocre gameplay wise…

  8. PHXNTXM Reply

    I can’t wait to see how CP2077’s world stacks up to RDR2’s open world, which is honestly my favorite open world of this generation so far.

  9. Nick Reply

    IMO first person perspective for 2077 was a very smart move that could save the game from being a disaster. Imagine trying to play that whole sequence in the Scavenger’s hideout in third person. It just wouldn’t have worked. Recall the contract quest Deadly Delights from the Witcher 3 where you fight the Succubus Salma in that tiny Novigrad house room (if you chose to fight her). It was honestly the worst fight in the game and completely broke immersion because of the awkward third person camera in that tight space.

  10. AngryDuck76 Reply

    The Witcher ||| Wild Hunt is FAST becoming my favourite game ever. It's literally an outstanding achievement in open worod design. Also the character development and interactions in Wild Hunt are limitless. It always catches me by surprise how fresh every play seems. I literally spend hours walking around the scenery. It's amazing. Only RDR2 came close and that was from copying the best bits of Wild Hunt. Amazing.

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