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Creating Cyberpunk 2077 | PS4

PlayStation goes behind the scenes with CD Projekt Red to bring you an exclusive look at their ambitious upcoming project, Cyberpunk 2077.


34 thoughts on “Creating Cyberpunk 2077 | PS4

  1. USMC MSgt Reply

    It would be amazing if every place, vehicle, and building can be entered. Whether you have an open door, you have to unlock, find a key 🔑, that would be insane. I’m not talking about a door that’s just there for aesthetics reasons.

  2. Shajack Reply

    September 17 2013: GTA V launched and it was one of the best games ever made

    September 17 2020: Cyberpunk 2077 launches and will it be one of the best games ever made???

  3. bloodcorpse gamer Reply

    Ask me this question how is it so great if this f**** thing looks like Black Ops and other games already come out it's nothing new same old bulshit different story Maybe but nothing else different

  4. LucidGamer137 Reply

    They NEED to have a quest in this game where you meet Ciri, maybe have to protect her and help her get out of the city somehow. Could be a side quest, or a secret quest, or maybe DLC, or maybe she even plays a big role in the main story. Neat idea could be that people in the Cyberpunk world see her teleporting and wonder if they can make an augmentation that allows people to teleport. Unique potential for a super powerful late-game ability, great for stealth or getting up close.

    One thing I'm concerned/curious about is vertical traversal. I think we can safely assume some level of climbing or vaulting over surfaces and railings or cover will be present, and we've seen hover cars in gameplay and cutscenes, so will we be able to drive hover vehicles at some point? Curious to see how they would control. Also curious about the possibility of parkour or even just simple ledge grabbing so players can really climb and find high ground or alternate paths. I'm super curious just how open the story is, will it be like Skyrim where you can literally sit around and do nothing? Can you work menial jobs for small amounts of cash? In other words, is it open in the sense that you can basically avoid the quests altogether and still have something to do? Maybe your character can become a famous boxer, small-time drug dealer, etc. They haven't said much about this game, which would be concerning if 1) they hadn't already shown 45 minutes of mind blowing gameplay and 2) it came from basically any other developer. I have full confidence this will be a great game, I'm just super curious about some things and we haven't had a whole lot of questions answered.

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