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Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed on Stadia

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on 17 September 2020 for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. By the end of the year the game will also make its debut on …


47 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed on Stadia

  1. Pr4t By TH3M!S Reply

    I think it is that CyberPunk is delaying for Stadia because they are doing a Game optimization for Stadia and only that Game optimization will work for Stadia and maybe it will be better for Stadia than for another platform, but it only remains to wait 😿😿😿

  2. Arcane Atri Reply

    The core reason i even considered Stadia was because of Cyberpunk2077. Then Stadia won me over with everything else. That said, this is a kick in the butt which, for a good minute, made me reconsider buying a console for this game. But i decided, i'm going to preorder it on Steam now and buy it again for Stadia when it comes out for Stadia. My "primary" CP2077 game will be played on Stadia, but it's nice to have it on Steam just in case Stadia thinks of an additional way to disappoint me

  3. Paddy X91X Reply

    I can wait. AC Valhalla & Baldurs Gates 3 are coming aswell. More looking forward to BG3 actually. Because it utilizes stadia the most. Cyberpunk has a huge hype. I hope that it can live up to that in the first place. But i rather prefer a solid port than some rushed BS full of bugs tbh.

  4. Michael Thomsen Reply

    Ah, well, I guess I'll not be buying that game. When they release it, i'll be waaay to busy with Assassin's Creed Valhalla. But mebbe i'll be worth getting on sale at some point.

  5. AndNowYour MommaKnows Reply

    I love watching you guys but I think you totally downplayed this story. Now while I wasn't looking forward to this game I know this was considered Stadia biggest title to come and the fact that it's not going to be the same day as all the other versions is a problem. It gives people who dislike Stadia to have way more fuel to claim why Stadia is a dying platform. And I know it's not Google fault but it is a big blow to the platform.

  6. André Sosa Reply

    I don't think it's a big deal. naturally they will prioritize those platforms with the largest amount of users. I just hope we get a version that's up to par with the PS4 and Xbox, if not better.

  7. Happy Cloud Gamer Reply

    There's is many theory why Cyberpunk 2077 is not coming to Stadia on 17 of september . What makes me sad Is Lack of Communications from Google, saying why it is not coming. This is cd projekt red first cloud gaming technology game. I do think it can have to do with contact with some of the companys getting Cyberpunk 2077 or do to coronavirus make them want release first on consoles like they know and after focus on Cloud gaming. But it coming out this year so at the loongest 3 months delay
    But if we don't hear from Google what think would bee strange. I think we will see more info on 25 of june

  8. Post Prophet Reply

    Hmmm uhhh welll, I’d get it on stadia buttt I just remembered stadia is broke irrelevant it doesn’t work latency sucks my internet isn’t 50 gbps and welllll nobody fuckn cares about stadia except like three people. And 2 of them made this video haha. Jesus

  9. Sarah White Reply

    I am calling it now. we will get the Stadia version well after post launch content. Further wounding Stadia players… I'm fed up getting my hopes up for these jerks. I'm focusing on old ports and Stadia exclusives… The big boys can keep their games. Often they're over glorified junk anyway.

  10. Jacob Holloway Reply

    The biggest draw back to this is that it is def going to hurt Cyberpunk sales on stadia big time. Alot of people who were going to get it on stadia that have other platforms are now going to buy it on other platforms and maybe get it on stadia when it is on sale much later down the road. So it is going to hurt stadia's rep with another big game that will have sales numbers that will probably be mediocre because alot of people will buy it elsewhere. Basically the reason why sales numbers have been lower for other games. So many people already own these games on other platforms.

  11. Dwemer Reply

    Cyberpunk and AC Valhalla will now release on Stadia around the same time. That makes for a tough decision for how to invest someone's time and money.

  12. bigtbagheera Reply

    Im okay with it being delayed. But the sad thing is that this game would have been a good opportunity for Stadia to pool some people to the platform. But now most people will again have played the game some where else. (Not me though. My only gaming platform is Stadia, sense it works flawless for me.)

  13. Jason Buffey Reply

    I am using Google Stadia as my only console of choice, I dont have a ps4 or xbox or pc.
    What I dont understand is why games are being delayed on stadia, especially this game as it has had more than enough time to be released at the same time as other consoles. Why has all the marketing been saying the same release date as all other consoles and pc and then now change it? It seems to me that Stadia will not be upto date for new releases at the same time as other platforms for awhile. This needs to be addressed as it will make people stick to ps4 and xbox and not purchase it again on stadia.

  14. Shaun Scott Reply

    Honestly, I'm gutted about this, I was hoping they would release within the same week at least, because we all know "by the end of the year" means december.

  15. Mike Jansen Reply

    I totally understand that it feels like people need to stop crying about delays all the time, but honestly we need to stop swallowing this and defending Stadia for it all the time.
    It isn't particularly anyones fault, but we all know that this is going to be another reason for people to say "ooh see Stadia is a joke"
    and I don't care who it is who will do that, but someone needs to stop this and get rid of reasons for people to say this.

  16. Wojciech Gaura Reply

    Well, you wont see my money. Ill go for PC version as soon as it will become available. Stadia is my platform of choice but I will not wait few extra months for Cyberpunk.
    Advise for Google – Do not advertise something if you are not sure when or if you gonna release it. #disappointment

  17. ANDREW HULL Reply

    Just makes the case for x series x more appealling – smart delivery, xcloud with gamepass and play on any device. All old games get hdr, improved visuals and brtter frame rates. Stadia is further down the pecking order which is not good place to be in with next gen consoles releasing

  18. Tim Scholtes Reply

    There's a real issue that for those gamers who want to go *stadia only*, this doesn't really make that viable. It's the biggest title of the year which has been long anticipated, people want to play it as soon as its available. I personally will end up buying it on xbox now so I can play it when the hype is up.

  19. Shawn Vaughan Reply

    I'm so glad Stadia isn't the Netflix of gaming. I love the idea of adding to my permanent Pro library every month. I'm addicted and want to collect every possible pro game!

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