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Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Says "We Don't F*** Around" After Mature Rating & Descriptors Leak In Brazil

SOURCE 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/cyberpunkgame/comments/g5iax5/cyberpunk_2077_rated_18_in_brazil/ SOURCE 2: …


32 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Says "We Don't F*** Around" After Mature Rating & Descriptors Leak In Brazil

  1. YongYea Reply


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  2. Tiagorpg mendes Reply

    a lot of times when he said "ilicit" it was "licit" drugs, like alcohol and cigarette
    fun fact, mortal kombat and doom were +18 and banned when i was a kid, maybe that is why i never saw a mk arcade, only the snes version that survived before the ban

  3. Kishor Kurama Reply

    Well i had always got caught in god of war nude scenes in front of both my mom my aunt and my sis
    And i still continued playing coz idc what they think about me
    This is games and we r gamers
    We dont give too much attention to sexual scenes and nudity if we r serious enough about the story
    Not even my penis gets erected when i see fully naked woman when i m playing an important part in the story
    And i was 14 when i played it in ps2
    Now i m 20 playing in ps4

  4. Gabriel Trevisan Reply

    Just a little background info: torture was kinda of a big deal here during the military dictatorship so I understand why explicit cruelty can be considered a more mature topic than explicit nudity.

  5. OriginalUnjustifier Reply

    I'm actually very happy that a major game developer is holding on to their artistic integrity and refusing to self censor their game to chase a lower rating. For too long video games have been boxed into what is 'acceptable' and what isn't, with anything outside the norm (ie:anything remotely sexual beyond eye candy, mature themes, expressing controversial opinions, ect…) simply unable to break into the market because no game store will carry a game with an 18+ rating (at least, not without severe restrictions), and most publishers are locked into the sequel/re-release/remake rut of safety like we've seen Hollywood fall into the last decade. Thus, while video games are a rich medium for storytelling, honestly the triple A pickings have felt soulless and empty for a while now, especially with the advent of micro-transactions that feel more predatory than the old arcade machines that were built *specifically to take your money as effectively as possible*. We seriously need a Renascence of actual creativity and freedom in the video game world to overhaul what types of stories get told and what kinds of games get made, and while indie studios have helped I truly hope that some of the larger companies make a shift.

    And also…if you yourself are worried you might see something you don't want to (or that you consider vulgar, evil, ect) in a video game…DON'T BUY THE F'IN GAME AND PISS OFF INSTEAD OF BITCHING! I am SO tired of people demanding things be banned/removed/censored because they don't agree with them while never intending to actually peruse the media, simply to push an agenda…that kind of ignorance continues to fester and grow and will only become a greater cancer on society.

  6. Daniel Meyer Dammous Reply

    People hardly notice or care about age ratings on products here in Brazil, so this isn't even close to be an issue.
    Anyway, while I think the system is pretty okay, sometimes it feels like it doesn't account for a somatory of descriptors, which should be important if you ask me.

  7. Need Break Reply

    Little kids are still gonna play it. Not against the game at all though. This game will have a great story. But these kids need to be under a bit control of their parents.

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