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Cyberpunk 2077 Lore – Lazarus Military Operations Group!

Lazarus Military Operations Group or simply Lazarus group is one of the largest and most successful megacorporations dealing in military services and private …


48 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Lore – Lazarus Military Operations Group!

  1. TheNeonArcade Reply

    Cyberpunk 2077 Lore – Raven Microcybernetics! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn8ti_HBVlc

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  2. Sebastiono 23 Reply

    I just preordered cyberpunk on the psn store because I know if I try getting it on cd that I’m not going to get it for at least a month and half because all the stores are gonna be out of stock😂 this will probably be the biggest launch since gta 5

  3. Jack Bowers Reply

    Im just pretending in my head deus ex is cannon this is relevant because there is a underground drug in it called neon so the fact the lore channel basically exposing conspiracy in the cyberpunk universe really helps to glue everything together.

  4. Valtage Reply

    My biggest fear right now is that e3 gameplay that we have of cyberpunk looks nothing like the polished game instead night city has less npcs or trashy graphics compared to e3 gameplay sorta like the witcher 3 was at e3 compared to release 😩 just thoughts while i wait

  5. DannyB Reply

    One more thing: 19th of May, CDPR is the most valuable Computer Games Studio in Europe. And Im not happy about that, coz its dangerous for that company.

  6. Geeking_ Gamer Reply

    When I watch these Vids I literally see a cyberpunk that could've been made where we play as Johnny silver hand.

    I wonder how they will fit all of this lore into the game because this is deep

  7. Arcania Dante Reply

    Not sure if this has been brought up before but looking at the Funko Pop figures for the game , the character Takemura , which we know nothing about, looks a lot like the character being rammed by V's bike in the collector's edition statue. Having a Pop figure and being on the collector's edition statue makes me think that this Takemura guy is the main antagonist for the game.

  8. El LumbagoV.2 Reply

    Damn, I really hope they add western styled gear e.g A Futuristic Colt Revolver that you can quickfire with, a futuristic repeater. Plus some western styled clothing. It’ll fit in well with the nomad and pistol build I’m gonna go with.

  9. Zigeuninja 忍者 Reply

    I watch every single cyberpunk news video ure uploading. Just a question tho: Do u know what kind of videos u want to do when cyberpunk is out? I mean news videos are gonna be kinda useless for a game thats already out

  10. Okashiromi Reply

    Man I'm so hoping we'll get contracts from Lazarus, it'll be a really interesting experience having a cooperation on our side. Especially one that can actully help in the field
    Also does Lazarus offer a "general" package? Like if you need bodyguards but know you may also need them to do other ops, or do you have to get 2 separate contracts? Also outside money is there any job the cooperation will refuse take?

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