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Cyberpunk 2077 News | Cyberware Details | Hands On Demo Coming Soon

Cyberpunk2077 #XboxNews #CyberpunkNews #GamingNews Let me know what you guys think of all of this news & rumors down below. I definitely try to reply …


28 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 News | Cyberware Details | Hands On Demo Coming Soon

  1. SnakeEyes23 Reply

    I can’t wait for this game. CD Projekt Red is one of my favorite developers but I’m going to wait to play this on the series X with smart delivery and 60 FPS.

  2. Flemming Allan Thomsen Reply

    nice video and yeah Im behind on things lately but CYBERPUNK 2077 just give me it when it's done cooking, Rockstar games should break of from take 2/2K and Join a new Company IMAGINE CDPR & ROCKSTAR under ONE BANNER it would Shake and Bake the Industry of Gaming and if they where under XGS as the biggiest 3 Party timed Exclusive for 6 to a Year i think PS5 would be the last console Sony Playstation would ever produce and hey "BIGGER" and Weired Science what a 80'ties CLASSIC! Fonz thanks man CYA on RDX hopefully Tomorrow

  3. Mike Nikkel Reply

    Man I’ve been waiting for this game since their teaser which was like 7 years ago. I’ve been a fan of the Witcher since the second game came out on 360. The third game was amazing but didn’t have the same quality of story the 2nd game had.
    I’m beyond pumped for cyberpunk as this game alone has me looking forward to next gen. This will likely be my xsx launch purchase.

  4. T7 PDM Reply

    Dude, I thought you had 1.63 million subscribers, your videos are awesome and you have such a good narrative voice. Keep on doing what you do and you will be big. Quality always beats quantitiy. Been watching the entire video and subscribed.

  5. James Rodriguez Reply

    I'm still torn on the reality that this game is a first person game and not a third person game. RDR2 has a button you can press to switch between the two views. Why can't we get that?

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