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Cyberpunk 2077 News – FREE Next Gen Upgrade, Lizzy Wizzy’s Grim Backstory & Character Builder Soon?!

We have a jam-packed episode today including FREE Next Generation upgrades and how CDPR will be helping the consumer bridge the gap between current …


31 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 News – FREE Next Gen Upgrade, Lizzy Wizzy’s Grim Backstory & Character Builder Soon?!

  1. TheNeonArcade Reply

    Cyberpunk 2077 News – NEW Images, Romances, RTX 2080Ti & Cyberpunk Red Release Date – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK_vT41Gn-0

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  2. Ziff Reply

    I can't relate to game-merch or specialty releases of commonly available computer components, but I appreciate your inclusion of this info in your vid for those who get excited over merch and limited-issue components. That being said; I found the information about the game itself, its upcoming release details and possibly an early release of a character customizer welcome news. As usual, I crave more of this type of content and was left wanting in the end. The trickle of real news from CDPR about the game is not unexpected however. Thanks for posting this.

  3. sundawg911 Reply

    I love this because I am planning to get the new xbox and so excited I will be able to move on with the game. They definitely cut a deal with Microsoft but in the end it benefits the customers who are not having to shell out another $100 bucks to play a game. The gaming publishers give very little (releasing unfinished games) and yet we are loyal; we deserve a few bones here and there.

  4. Zachary Giarnieri Reply

    I know this video is a week old (still the latest one though), but I private messaged 2077 over face book, a while ago asking about V being able to us Linar Frames (Exo-Suites for those who don't know). Well I got a mabey, not a strait up no so that could be another possible feature.

  5. resColts Reply

    This is weird you didn't have to pay for Xbox one x enhanced update. Maybe this is the way to get more games updated rather then just games released this year. Glad cdpr is sticking to their all about consumer values and offering free upgrade. Only company that also refuses to put denvuno or any anti-piracy program due to effect on performance like frametime, max fps, CPU usage , menu load, level load etc… unlike ubisoft putting denvuno and vmprotect affecting performance big time.

  6. T u S o K a Reply

    Hey you can add an ad or two to your videos. I dont think you'll scare any of your audience away and it'll get you some more money for your hard work. Just don't over do it lol.

  7. PHXNTXM Reply

    It’s so cool that Microsoft is pushing cross generation parity amongst their console ecosystem, and I’m glad that CDPR is one of the first devs to hop on this wave. Hopefully, this translates to PlayStation gamers as well. I would hate to have to buy a PS5 version of CP2077, when I already have the CE preordered on PS4. I’m sure Sony will do the same thing though.

  8. Thomas Bishton Reply

    Any rumour whether saves will cross from xbox one to series x? Not everyone will want to poor 10s of hours into this and other games game on current gen and then have to start again on next gen

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