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Cyberpunk 2077 News – NEW Images, Romances, RTX 2080Ti & Cyberpunk Red Release Date!

We have a TON to talk about today including details on a custom Cyberpunk 2077 GPU, GeForce Now vs Stadia, Braindance Gear, Romance Details, …


26 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 News – NEW Images, Romances, RTX 2080Ti & Cyberpunk Red Release Date!

  1. TheNeonArcade Reply

    Cyberpunk 2077 News 2020 Playlist! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfFeUrEdVVw&list=PL4oIv9QY_YARkmvcoJygVvvevtvzZOV0u

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  2. Araknan Ninja Reply

    Why that always say Romance u show Jackie? Hahaha

    Its a Crush? Huehiehuejuehuehue

    Just jesting hehehe

    But I noticed that, in your vídeos, but also in other peoples vídeos to

    I did'nt knew we could romance him

    He has a girlfriend right?

  3. Americanylove Reply

    Yoooo I want to sleep now and wake
    Up at September 17, cuz there is nothing to do due to quarantine, so what’s the point then I’m bored as hell, have nothing to do I just want to sleep until September 17!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hades Reply

    The dev actually answering to these people who want the whole game to be about gays is actually concerning to me. He then says "everyone will get equal amount and quality content". Sure in an ideal world that's what everyone wants but when you have these people who says "i hope there are as many gays as straights" i just can't take it serious.

  5. lover of Q-tips Reply

    I hope if we play our character we could choose the people were attracted to and shit lol or you could have a mini game where you gotta flirt with someone and get me interested lol that’d be cool

  6. Calvin Schuster Reply

    Braindance is basically from strange days the movie. I wonder if the same negatives can happen using it? In "strange days" a serial killer goes around functionally killing people by using the brain dance hardware to fry the connections between the brain and the bodies sensory organs. Essentially destroying a persons "phaneron"(phaneron is a psychological term used to describe the combined emergant process that arises from the brains ability to use sensory organs to map the world around it). The act of doing essentially makes them a vegetable since they cant comunicate with the outside world anymore. They no longer have any control of their body since all connections have been fried, including tactile and the like. So they are simply trapped in their own brain. The movie showed it from their prespective as eternal multicolored static(like how old ctr tv's would show static when it couldnt get a signal). Implying that even your inner voice would be effected! That is pretty horryfing! Praying for death would be your only hope…

    When i first watched strange days it freaked me out so bad it really stuck with me all these years. Its such a terrifying prospect. I really hope cdpr explores this!!

  7. Ish Reply

    When it comes to role playing games. I have a tendency to make my characters to look like me, have attributes like me and similar social skills like me. However after finishing the game for the first time I have tendency to start experimenting other stories/characters development. One my favorite for Females is making a Feminine Fatal/sexy female assassin and for male a confident gunner mercenary. Cyberpunk 2077 RPG system seems like I'm able to make that a reality for role playing! 🤠

  8. Doragonz Reply

    These crybaby snowflakes always complaining. "CDPR can do no wrong"? They're passionate about creating a great game. Theyre already doing their best making room to accommodate everyone's expectations and the game hasn't even come out yet!

  9. rcmgamer218 Reply

    So I have to wonder, if Santo Domingo is where Night City gets its power, can you damage/destroy/cyber-attack a power plant to make another district lose power?

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