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Cyberpunk 2077 News – NO Censorship, Summer Games Fest & More Lore!

NO censorship being confirmed for one of the stingiest regions when it comes to ratings, some new gang and corporation lore, UI and menu iteration, another …


50 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 News – NO Censorship, Summer Games Fest & More Lore!

  1. TheNeonArcade Reply

    Cyberpunk 2077 News 2020 Playlist! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np0fpmLbSO0&list=PL4oIv9QY_YARkmvcoJygVvvevtvzZOV0u

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  2. TheSickOldToad Reply

    I really gotta measure my penis with a scale. I wanna get the size down to the thousandth. My CP2077 character gotta be just like me. I couldn’t tell you how happy I would be knowing my character is toting the same dick. I hope there’s girth and shape too. Wow, dick customization is almost more in depth than face customization. Lmfao… I’m getting off the internet for today…

  3. Tracey Jacobsen Reply

    After seeing what klaes egret said about uh… penetration

    Do you think we'll get to see the good and close up angles? >.> or maybe pause and move to our own views as the view adjusts to where your looking? Something like that?

  4. Ben Prins Reply

    So no cencorship confirmed for 1 region. Great. But i wanna know there will be no censorship for the WHOLE game.

    I dont wanna see any blurred parts.

    Cyberpunk 2077 is just sitting in my Steam library. Laughing at me.

    The fact that CP2077 is out soon has me very happy. A ray of sunshine in this quarentined world😊

  5. arikelvara Reply

    1:54. We really had to push hard for the R18+ rating in Australia. It was only in 2012 that we got R18+ ! A professor whose class I attended was one of the main proponents for the rating. Many ultra orthodox groups wanted the R18+ only to push MA15+ games to a higher age group. The real reason gamers and creators wanted this was to get games with no censorship and let adults 18+ enjoy uncut games and not let children play these games. Especially a game like Cyberpunk 2077 lol 😂.

    EDIT: The red rating is MA15+ and blue is only M. So this game is light on the drugs, apparently.

  6. SolidVault Reply

    I have a feeling they might have an option to have a censored depiction of the sex scene for the streamers especially. because i remember Shroud moving his webcam to cover up the breasts of keira metz when he played The Witcher 3 so there might be a "Streamer Mode" where nudity and sex is a bit dumbed down but not alot that it ruins the experience.

  7. Nate Dawg Reply

    Thanks for the video. My main concern is will the console versions be more censored in certain countries like what happened with conan exiles. Let's all hope everyone who plays the game will have the same experience

  8. Maxtreme Reply

    Does anyone else think it's weird that classification boads ban games because of nudity or sex, yet killing people violently is usually acceptable?

  9. MM's Reply

    Uhmm, yeah, depiction of nudity and sex is practically unavailable in this day and age on the internet. So having it in games is ofc cause for concern for various governments…

  10. HULK SMASH Reply

    Thank the Gaming Gods for CDPR. I'm about to give up on the media platform as a whole. Cyberpunk is the anchor keeping me involved.

    I don't want to play kid games. I'm an adult who can handle sex, violence, and drug use without having a mental breakdown.

  11. kenshy10 Reply

    Neon: this is not a gang to mess with

    Me: they are weeaboo bikers I'm killing them all immediately in the Hope's they come after me with katanas and street bikes!

  12. Spider Spectre Reply

    The sex scenes probably never show any in-the-crack pov but, rather just first person (which can focus on face and breasts) and the third person is probably a couple meters away and just shows people humping rather than zooming on penetration

  13. Survivor Number 1 Reply

    Does anyone know if our characters HAVE to wear clothes,? Lol. Like, can I just walk around naked? Seems weird to have all this deep customisation for your character but if it’s hidden away under clothes…

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