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Cyberpunk 2077 has a new dismemberment system with hand-to-hand combat, with katanas and more! And brutal ranged and tactical combat. Also covering …



  1. FerhadM55 Reply

    Imma be honest, I'm kinda sad that sex is a part of this game since my ps4 is in the living room which is connected to the other rooms without doors so everyone will see. And do you get to see their genitals and stuff or do you press a button and it skips to after sex like in gta

  2. Batman Reply

    I want more sex in games, especially one like this… There should be first person sex gameplay, if you want a hooker, or if you have a romantic relationship with a character… with different options like kissing, feeling up, oral, different styles of penetration.. doggy, missionary, riding, etc…. (i'm happily married, and actually have had threesomes with my smoking hot wife, not desperate btw lol) I just think it's weird that you can murder people in games in horrific ways, innocent people lol… but can't get a blowjob? lol it's love… Can't wait to see how deep this goes… I'd like my character to hook up with a few randoms here, and there through out my play through…. but I also really wanna establish a romance with an important character, and then be able to fuck her brains out in different ways would be dope lol.

  3. miickey505 Reply

    Sex is too much , violence woepon war bad decision is perfect. I don't think sex is actually fun on game.. you can do that on real life but the other thing is perfect awsome..

  4. AngryDuck76 Reply

    Hey CD Projekt Red….. DON'T HOLD BACK. GIVE US CYBERPUNK 2077 THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. Violence, nudity, sex and character customisation beating everything else. We will support you all the way.

  5. Shadow bolt haseo Reply

    I have a question to ask I know that in cyberpunk 77 there is the option for you to make your character and you can have as relationships and all that stuff but is all that stuff going to be kind of obvious or is it going to be really well hidden because in real life I'm bisexual but in video games I would prefer to play as a straight male I just like to do that I don't want to accidentally start a romance with another dude by accident because I didn't know that the option I pick was going to start that off is there going to be something to make it a bit more obvious or something?

  6. Tarniz Williams Reply

    One thing I hope is if they will be a separate list that features relationships and One night stands and that youtube doesn't block it cause I get you trying to Shield some young viewers from this kind of content but for the rest of us who are matured and can handle this content please stop cause it's getting ridiculous .

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