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Stadia Rant: Yong Yea uses cyberpunk 2077 to blindly hate on Google Stadia.

Another Stadia video! Yong Yea just couldn’t help himself! he uses the cyberpunk 2087 release date as an excuse to hate on Stadia. I have no idea why Yong …


37 thoughts on “Stadia Rant: Yong Yea uses cyberpunk 2077 to blindly hate on Google Stadia.

  1. Jesús J. Nieves-Padilla Reply

    I knew that I was not alone on this that he just goes with such entitlement… I used to following him for GREAT news like lootboxes looking to be controlled government level at UK, but really I needed to unsubscribe.

  2. Koyote Green Reply

    The official cd project red site list cyberpunk 2077 as releaseing on PS4 Xbox one and pc saptamber 17 2020 and i quote on stade by the and of the year not in saptamber so it's confermd cyberpunk 2077 is not coming to stada till December 2020

  3. CyanFire Reply

    Honestly I used to watch him all the time until he made it perfectly clear he's never used Stadia before and still constantly bashes it for things he doesn't understand. After that, his format became perfectly clear: Spend like 3 minutes recapping the same thing he talked about it another video to artificially increase the viewtime, talk about small bits of an article he cherrypicked from, and then spend the time filling in the gaps with his own opinions on things. It's amazing how much of his videos are just straight clickbait or how he only spends like 2 minutes on the actual topic of the 10 minute video.

  4. DrDeath Reply

    Really enjoyed your videos about Stadia, I think you make some good points. Keep up the good work, have a sub. My only point would be to try and keep the videos a bit shorter.

    On the cyberpunk issue I agree Yongyea is doing his normal tricks, but I do think there is an issue here with Stadia's communication. Even if nothing has changed it was clear from Reddit and other areas that a lot of people were expecting the Stadia launch to be the same time as other consoles with the original delay. If they or CD project red knew it wasn't going to be the case they should have cleared this up to manage expectations

  5. Daniel Stanford Reply

    I'm onboard for most of what you're saying other than xcloud. I love stadia but there's tons of info and videos showing xcloud is also great. And I'm not sure what you mean by input delay on Xbox vs stadia. Stadia is worse for sure, but not horrible.

  6. Dizrah Reply

    Yeah the constant stadia bashing is a bit silly at this point. Bellulargaming is another channel that seems to be allergic to saying anything positive about stadia as well. Sure its not perfect but these guys look for ANYTHING to take a jab. You'd think these guys would be excited by the potential stadia allows in the future.

  7. Ashmedai 180 Reply

    Potential doesn't mean anything if its not utilized properly. Accessibility is an issue if you don't have a good connection then stadia isn't going well for you. Plus the lack of games is a detriment to stadia no matter how new.

  8. Best_Horse Reply

    YongYa makes money off of getting views from criticizing stuff .. but then "YaBoyTiwz" gets off on criticizing YongYa. One criticizes one thing and another criticizes the guy who criticizes the other thing. YouTube is full of winners.

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