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We ALREADY KNOW how Cyberpunk 2077 ENDS?!

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22 thoughts on “We ALREADY KNOW how Cyberpunk 2077 ENDS?!

  1. XXveny Reply

    Johnny is like a virus that slowly tries to take control over your body…
    He managed to get in AI form to become immortal… simple.
    I would love to see some topics from Uprgade movie.

  2. Connor Mitchel Reply

    The drive from Tampa to Merritt Island in Florida is 130 miles. Where it says Voodoo Boys lookout it says its 146 miles away. So is Cyberpunk bigger than the Width of Florida

  3. Rigatonia Reply

    Here's a thought, Is the music from Johnny SIlverhand different because someone co opted the name? Wasn't Johnny originally a 2000's kid? and 70 years is a lot to stay in the lime light of Night City's zeitgeist. Don't know if they retconned his existence. But I feel like the music we are getting from the new band is actually meant to be a hint that someone is manipulating Johnny's brand? That's just a theory though. Partly because I liked the old Chippin in song.

  4. Mark Able Reply

    "In the world of Cyberpunk, few things go as planned"
    -Deep Dive Video, 2019 (~ 13:05)
    I've had various theories and thoughts of things that might happen, but they seem foolish now: Like perhaps Johnny Silverhand is more AI than human now, so his agenda may seem a bit jarring. I wouldn't be surprised if the only way for Johnny to get out of the chip, is to lock V's ghost into the chip, while Johnny gets control of V's body, with V's ghost unable to stop it…This would be a fitting shock ending in lines with the dark future that is Cyberpunk, but after the shock wears off – it would leave me feeling dissatisfied with that ending, probably. Depends on Johnny's character and story.

    All I know is that for my first playthrough, my agenda is to roll a Netrunner; and become friends with Alt Cunningham so this V can live forevs in Cyberspace. I was wondering if I customised my V to look Haitian would the Voodoo Boys comment on it, get access to more friendly dialogue options and so less likely to be betrayed, like they do with all their "ranyons"? I am assuming CDPR won't go to that kind of detail there, so I am now opting to be the default Fem V as a Nomad, so I can fully appreciate starting the game from Wasteland then going to Night City…at night! Hashtag RTX On
    My second Fem V will be a Streetkid Techie, who is addicted to BrainDance and Buck O'Slice Pizza. This V will attempt to acquire the Spiderbot for herself, where I the player will roleplay a romantic relationship between the two…I might even sell the idea as a sci-fi romantic-comedy to Netflix.

    3rd playthrough V will be male Solo Corpo. All he wants to do is please his mistress Meredith Stout. If you can't romance Stout in game, then I want a sincere apology and some Cyberpunk 2077 merchandise from CDPR…actually, now that I think about it, can I just have some merch anyways?
    See yous all in Night City sorta real soon, Choombas! Peace! I'm Chippin' Out!

  5. Andrew Cho Reply

    Specifically johnny’s raid on Arasaka, it wasnt just one instance, when they initially went to go save alt, of what they thought was alts dead body, but alt was in the mainframe screaming to them, but the audio systems in the computers in base we’re cut off, so they left with alt’s body thinking she was dead, later finding out that alt was indeed still around just as a ghost in Arasaka mainframe, THAN they re invade the headquarters to than download alt’s ghost, save her, and reunite with her body, but things went terribly wrong when Adam Smasher came, and than thats when he killed johnny

  6. dodo2208 Reply

    well we only know one ending for sure , knowing cdpr this will have many endings with all kinds of twists and turns plus the single player expansions ( at least 2 from what they said in hamburg germany) this game will have more

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