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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

The RPG action game DBZ Kakarot (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is releasing soon, so here’s all of the information you need to be caught up. Subscribe for more: …


30 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

  1. David Moore Reply

    Does anyone feel like the open world aspect of this resembles dragon quest, like I know it’s the same artist but like smaller details like icons and objects!

  2. noname goodguy Reply

    So a few additions

    1:The Ki blast move (LT X on Xbox) give invulnerability allowing for some great counter and can be paired with dodging to make a much cheaper counter then the vanish counter.

    2:You can dash into enemies 5 or more levels lower then you for an instant win they give about 60% of the experience though this still makes for easy farming of orbs

    3:All orb types are infinite don't worry about spending orbs on all the characters you like the only thing that's finite are D medals which are only required by playable characters

    4:Money is not hard to earn animals and enemies drop items that are made purely for selling

    5:Story locks obtainable items but you can get the highest tier of items in any area the type of item can be found in if you cant find it it may be in another area or in the same area at a later story beat

    6:Villainous enemies (which you encounter later in the game) are not finite they are an unmarked side-quest that lasts through the whole game (and they jump in levels a lot!)

    7:Moves that are upgrades will not auto change you need to manually equip the better move

    8:You can find all items that can be found in an area by pressing X (or square on ps4) on the area in the travel menu

  3. Evaporated Mongoose Reply

    The game itself is such a mixed bag. The art style is good but the difficulty would be non existent if it werent for the fact that the enemies have super armor for ALL of their super attacks. They also have super armor at random points in the fight. Its fucking stupid and makes you realize how shallow the game is in the end. Its highly enjoyable but by no means is it a "good" game.

  4. Nehes Reply

    Goku couldn't fly during fight with Raditz and Vegeta! I know it's hard to input into PvP games with preexisting combat system with flying in it, but I hoped they will include it in singleplayer RPG. From what can I see tho, they didn't

  5. aldo capone Reply

    This game is not open world and it’s not rpg. You fly around the map, enter a cutscene and enter repetitive fights. That’s it. Don’t buy this piece of shit.

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