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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC and Hard Mode Discussion | dmgaming

There are big things coming for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, and in todays video we discuss the dlc, as well as some major requested features for the game.


23 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z Kakarot DLC and Hard Mode Discussion | dmgaming

  1. MechaGodJovi Reply

    The only way I'll buy this game is if they make the AI competent and harder to fight, none of this artificial difficulty crap other games do. I love the series and loved previous games but it's the one thing I'm hoping for.

  2. Da le Reply

    I'm doing my best not to level up indeed. also the problem is not about mechanics, it's about the cpu being pure unresponsive shit. It can't even block. I never saw an easier game in my whole damn life man

  3. Da le Reply

    Is this getting an hard mode? It doesn't feel dbz with no minimum challenge. It should be called Dragon ball z: Mary Sue or dragon ball scratching: Extra easy mode only edition.

  4. Christopher Brown Reply

    It’s NAMED dragon ball Z. That’s branding. So the furthest into super we’ll get is Battle of Gods. We won’t get any SUPER content. My belief is the branding of having the “Z” is intentional to put a cap on how much content can be provided overall with this title.

  5. Jordan King Reply

    Fix screen tearing on pc.
    Let us rebind the keybindings (fly up and fly down should be swapped).
    Reduce the frequency in which characters talk when interacting with something e.g. "that's a juicy apple!" x9000

  6. Uncharted Land Reply

    Sup I hope the dlc you talked about does come out. And I saw towa already. Mira’s sister. The villainous enemies in the game. I beat them and she showed up. I love this game.

  7. Hunter Arneson Reply

    What they should do with for a hard mode is give bosses more health and up their damage. I mean in the demo versions Cell and Raditz had 13-16 health bars. That would also make healing items more important. Now if you have 3-5 senzu beans you know you will win. I want to have to stock up on healing items because I know I will burn through either all or almost all of them, especially for fights like Frieza. I do wonder why they lowered the amount of health the bosses had though.

  8. Joe Luisi Reply

    my only real complaint is being unable to change the control scheme. Majority of DBZ games we've gotten have all been similar in their inputs, where as this one seems to have the buttons opposite of what they feel like they should be. For example to ascend while flying is the right bumper (Xbox) and yo descend is the right trigger, where as it I personally would like to hit the joystick buttons to do either of those. The game is as they said it was, it's linear as expected, similar to the legacy of Goku games but gives you the ability to roam around the map (definitely a good size) your current main objectives are on. So far what I've been doing is the same I would with any full RPG and avoid the main objective as long as possible to explore and grab any collectibles I can and grind the shit out of any experience I can. For anyone that was expecting a full blown open world like GTA, you're expecting the wrong thing. Easiest thing to compare it to is legacy of Goku 2 or buus fury minus being able to go whatever map you want whenever you want, unless that becomes an option later on, I'm only at the point where I need to confront raditz as piccolo. From what I understand it's the same company that did jump force, which I was a little worried about the controls being similar because they were trash, but they don't feel anything like that. The controls are responsive and don't feel clunky like they did with jump force. Visually the game obviously delivers, we could all see that already. I haven't really messed with the skill tree yet, I prefer to level up as much I can before needing to use it. The community option I won't speak on because I haven't read too much into it and still have to figure it out. As I said my only real complaint is the control scheme. Melee for example is all attached to the B button and ki is attached to the X button, which I would prefer to be able to switch the two. Aside from that, it's a very solid game and I'm definitely excited to see what they'll do in terms of DLC. I could definitely see a co-op option being added in later on and definitely see them expanding the story up to super which would make total sense to do at some point. If anyone has any questions I would definitely prefer that, because this was all I could really think of to touch on. If you're hesitant about buying, just rent it or borrow it from someone, whichever option you have.

  9. Lone Strider Reply

    If they really said this is supposed to be a one off thing, that would be a mistake. There is so much they could do and would be rather hard to implement into the game. That isn't even mentioning all the fixes. If this is supposed to be a one off then it should have started in Dragon Ball, and continued into Super, covering GT, the movies, nad just every piece of story and aspect of the series, otherwise this is just a waste and should have been put off till they could create a one off game with everything. It makes no sense for this to be a one off game, with so much content left in the air, and also content just missing from the Dragon Ball Z era of the series.

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