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DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT Ending & Final Boss Fight

DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT Ending & Final Boss Fight If you liked the video please remember to leave a Like & Comment, I appreciate it a lot! Relive the story …


36 thoughts on “DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT Ending & Final Boss Fight

  1. My Name Is Rosean Reply

    I gave up because I beat buu with ssj3 Goku with a little health and no more healing items just to find out I have to fight buu again and again, I’m probably just gonna reload a save and buy literally everything

  2. Kenan Coskun Reply

    Am I the only one who noticed that Dende is grown up but in the cutscene when they arrive at kamis lookout after defeating buu he is somehow turned into a small child again?!

  3. Arihant Gaming Reply

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  4. SSJ Ethan Reply

    What's the point in the Goku vs. Kid Buu fight at the end??? Does he just leave the spirit bomb floating in mid-air? Why didn't he move Vegeta himself if he can do that? Either way, it goes against both the anime and the manga so fuck it.

  5. jotaro kujo Reply

    I hope they make another game called dragon ball super kakarot in which as dragon ball z kakarot had dbz's story dragon ball super kakarot would have the story of dragon ball super

    Can't wait to play as Goku super Saiyan blue and red

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