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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Top 10 Secrets, Easter Eggs & References

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is filled with charming references, secrets, and Easter eggs related to Dragon Ball lore and pop culture. Here are …


41 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Top 10 Secrets, Easter Eggs & References

  1. byron mccarthy Reply

    It comes off as though you are a fan of the series but haven't actually played half of the games the majority fandom loves (xenoverse 1/2, Fighter Z, things like that) not being critical for no reasom, it just makes you sound like you don't know some characters at all eg: Mira & Towa (who is his creator, nothing you mentioned) theres many examples of it (Like Android 21 who has a clear explanation of what she is & how she was made & evolves etc) not hating on you AT ALL, its a GREAT vid just don't throw years of DBZ fans faves into the dust, it comes off as though you didnt even play the games & you lose a bit of credibility/authority & watchers trust (for me personally)

  2. Filipe Guedes Reply

    I really like the fact you can make a "Energy blast fight" . Whatever we can call this. When both character use a blast attack at same time and they compete to see which one is stronger

  3. Chivario Liefde Reply

    Honestly the RR robots are soo annoying everywhere you go they com up to you you can’t just fly around and do stuff if you fly you will hear the sound that they spot you and its very irritating

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