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Fast and Furious Crossroads Game Should Be DELAYED!

We know that Fast and Furious Crossroads, the movie tie in game for F9 was supposed to release in May 2020. But with the movie delayed it’s looking very likely …


12 thoughts on “Fast and Furious Crossroads Game Should Be DELAYED!

  1. Yevgeniy Stashchak Reply

    No I don't they already delayed the movie that I was dying to see now more bad news,at least the game should of come out I was looking forward get in it,I been waiting for so long for it

  2. Carlos Pacheco Reply

    I am a huge Fast & Furious fan, so I really do care about this game, like a lot! I preordered it before it got delayed, and I was upset that they did so, but I still have high hopes that this game will be improved. I just hope they will announce the new release date real soon.

  3. W!llACT Reply

    I tried searching for this on Playstation for pre ordering but it wasn't there, so I suspect this game isn't releasing. I need a new release date!

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