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Fast and Furious Crossroads Gameplay Looks……Like Something + HOW MUCH DOES THIS GAME COST?

Fast and Furious Crossroads has an official release date! Plus gameplay, and it looks like a video game….Plus you can pre-order it for enough money to make …


25 thoughts on “Fast and Furious Crossroads Gameplay Looks……Like Something + HOW MUCH DOES THIS GAME COST?

  1. Church Key Reply

    Bargain bin $19.99 to me. Otherwise, I have way better options to play. SnowRunner® blows this game out of the water and SnowRunner® was only $29.99. F&F Crossroads™ looks like a cheap arcade game.

  2. Ulysses the U 4 Life Reply

    I'm a fast and furious die hard fan but tthis is ridiculous. This looks boring, I was hoping for something more related to the movies. They think having the actual actors voices in the game is enough to make it good. Smh.

  3. Game Reply

    I was like "eh maybe I'll pick it up" until I heard the price not paying $60+ but I'll wait in may be a month or two when it definitely drops in price

  4. Jay Robles Reply

    I would have expected a adventures game like gta (open world) I think that would have been better. In the movie they didnt have guns on the cars. Maybe in one movie I forgot. But open world for this would have been better choice.

  5. Keith S Reply

    I can't help but feel like this is like a gag game or something lol.. it's still comical to me that this was the finale of last year's game awards 😂😂😂.. I do like the movies, but this is just.. wow lol

  6. Nick Sparrow Studios Reply

    Hooollllyyyy shit! Like as a student Game Developer I am shocked! Those studios made this… this looks like a fking Joke. I mean if it goes away for 20 bucks well okay, but for real Graphics are gens back and gameplay look like something unique in a way, but it feels like a mobile game. I just can't express my words… it seems like Fan Made Game by just educated Developers trying their first shot which would be good, but this is just I can't say… well maybe they do a reverse Ubisoft and the Graphics look better at launch

  7. Kayra Kaan Online Reply

    2020 now wants to kill the video game industry. It looks like a PS2 game! How? How did it come to this? Who will buy this after seeing this gameplay? I'm sure it will be 5-10 dolars in 1-2 month.

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