Fast and Furious Crossroads Clips


FAST AND FURIOUS CROSSROADS: http://www.codemasters.com/fast-furious-crossroads-speeds-onto-playstation-4-xbox-one-and-pc-in-may-2020/ …



  1. Ju DaHooper Reply

    I really want it to be open world and have awesome customization and I would love to see like the driving weather it be drifting and Just driving I would love that

  2. MegasXLR Reply

    I don't get what's with people and the graphics. If the story is great, the gameplay is nice and the characters look like themselves from the movies it will be amazing.

  3. C4PTV Reply

    Great idea but the implementation is horrible.
    People today are graphic divas.
    If I want to play something like that, I'll get my PS2 or PS3 out of the closet.
    If I still work on the graphics and cut out a great story then I'll buy it.

  4. Carlos Pacheco Reply

    I’m very hyped for this game! I wouldn’t care if the graphics/animations aren’t that good. Gameplay (and content) speaks louder than looks. This game is said to have the cars curated by Dennis McCarthy, the man who makes them for the franchise, so I am all for this game, hand down! I just hope it is open world, or at least drive around a certain city.

  5. Shayne Thomas Reply

    If it's not open world, then I'm not interested. Currently the only two franchises geared towards open world racing are the very lackluster Need for Speed franchise, and Forza Horizon. Yet we have literally DOZENS of track racers. So if this turns out to be another one of those track racers, I'm out. Its the Fast and the fucking cock sucking motherfucking Furious. How the hell are you going to limit one of the most balls to the wall car/heist franchises to a track? maybe they can do open world hubs like Midnight Club 3 had. You had Detroit, San Diego, Atlanta, Tokyo, ect. All fairly large maps each with traffic, semi destructible environments, NPCs and so on. Watch them be open world hubs that you can't free play in and race people, or outrun cops. Not to be super negative but every FF game we have received so far has been utter trash at the worst, and forgettable at best. The Tokyo Xtreme Racer knockoff FF game was the best we've had to date and that wasn't even a GOOD game. So I feel a bit skeptical of this being any good. Hopefully, I'll be proven wrong.

  6. Devil Angel Reply

    But, I still like it. Because I also playing shift 2 unleashed that past moment year ago. Because I like drift in Miami course use RX-8 in slightly mad studios first time in nfs shift 2 unleashed this game. 🙂

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