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FAST & FURIOUS CROSSROADS Trailer (2020) Video Game HD

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49 thoughts on “FAST & FURIOUS CROSSROADS Trailer (2020) Video Game HD

  1. Christopher Robin Gaming Reply

    This looks like a decent game I will definitely get this one of course the graphics could of been better but hopefully the gameplay is good which can balance the game out a little. I think everyone is so spoiled with the graphics. The new Xbox & Ps5 how much better can the graphics get compared to Ps4/Xbox one??

  2. C4PTV Reply

    Great idea but the implementation is horrible.
    People today are graphic divas.
    If I want to play something like that, I'll get my PS2 or PS3 out of the closet.
    If I still work on the graphics and cut out a great story then I'll buy it.

  3. billyhatcher643 Reply

    the game trailer freezes alot or is it just me cause graphics on nfs payback are way better than this and its so ps2 graphics wtf bandi namco why give this game such low end graphics

  4. Slide Ways Reply

    Damn a new ps2 title. I’m used to paying £2 for games hope this ain’t full price

    Seriously though would have been better off dlc to some other game like the fh2 f&f

  5. No Way Reply

    Apparently their entire budget went to the actors instead of the graphics. Oh well, if they aren't dumb enough to ask AAA price for this, I'm okay with that.

  6. Slender BM Reply

    well, i'm pissed as hell… it's f%@$ing 2019, why can't they just team up with great Game Dev companies and do some BETTER GRAPHICS AND BETTER FACE CAPTURE.

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