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Fast & Furious: Showdown Commentary – IGN Plays

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35 thoughts on “Fast & Furious: Showdown Commentary – IGN Plays

  1. Melancholy Hill Reply

    People always say that video games based of movies/tv shows are terrible… well not all of them are i mean like theres Riddick, South park, scott pilgrim, alien vs predator you name it!

  2. anthony liloia Reply

    This game is just sad… I just don't understand why they don't make a good console game that you can have fun with. I mean come on like the Tokyo Drift game for PS2 was close to that, but it wasn't quite there. We can sit here all day and criticize this game, but let's try to forget about this absolute shit game and think about what they need to do to make a good Fast and Furious game. Look at the graphics first of all I mean I know this game came out a while ago, but now we have next gen consoles. They really need to step it up there. You know what I don't even think they should improve on this just make a whole new thing because this is just awful. I remember there was a trailer for a fast and furious game in like '02 '03. That looked cool I don't think they ever came out with that but they should just do that game and just update it to PS4/XBOX ONE standards. I'm done and by the way R.I.P. Paul Walker lets make him proud with a game that he doesn't have to be embarrassed about. PLEASE.

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