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10 Fortnite STORYLINE Secrets

10 Fortnite STORYLINE Secrets Use Code T5G in the Item Shop FOR A SHOUTOUT! (Tweet us pics @Top5Gamingx) Follow us on Instagram & Twitter to be …


38 thoughts on “10 Fortnite STORYLINE Secrets

  1. OGworkshop Reply

    But Lynx has a lil mole and the other skin doesn’t so I don’t think she faked her death, maybe she’s her sister and is going to avenge Lynx…idk

  2. Braden McGuire Reply

    I think everyone already knows that mitis is the gold skull guy right because it in your thumbnail so I was like Bro I’m pretty sure everyone already knows that because of my days as gold it means he’s a goat I mean to the gold skull I’m pretty sure I heard video were you if you kill Midas and the golden guy you get you to become a regular guy who’s not made of gold basically mitis is a gold is not gold same with the other guy die think

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