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15 UNLUCKIEST Moments in Fortnite SEASON 3!

15 UNLUCKIEST Moments in Fortnite SEASON 3! Use Code T5G in the Item Shop FOR A SHOUTOUT! (Tweet us pics @Top5Gamingx) Video Sources …


42 thoughts on “15 UNLUCKIEST Moments in Fortnite SEASON 3!

  1. otvmagic gaming Reply

    My unluckiest moment: I was in steamy stacks and in a chest there was a legendary pistol, I’m pretty op with pistols but when I got out a shark came right into my build when I broke the wall, knocked my shield and sat there, I hid under the stairs and ran out of the wall behind the stairs. I got caught in the storm but I was ok, I headed to lazy lake but found a sweat and ran, then I got sniped 2 times by them, and their duo (my duo left the game) came down and hit me with a tac. (I was on 7 hp) :/ while I’m writing this this moment just happened lol.

  2. Jack Harris Reply

    for some strange reason my friend used kit's shockwave launcher to get high ground against his opponent and shot himself up and took fall damage when he hit the ground and we were so confused what happened

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