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Fortnite Item Shop *RARE* STEELSIGHT IS BACK! [June 5th, 2020] (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Fortnite Item Shop right now on June 5th, 2020. Let’s see what’s in the Item Shop today! Featured: Sig, Silent Strike, Weathered Black, Agile Edge, Red Knight, …


21 thoughts on “Fortnite Item Shop *RARE* STEELSIGHT IS BACK! [June 5th, 2020] (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. I Talk Fortnite Reply

    The shop has variety tonight! Thank you to everyone using code ITalkFortnite! Let's see when everything was last out!
    Red Knight set – 31 days ago
    Sig set – 31 days ago
    Hush set – 37 days ago
    Steelsight – 466 DAYS AGO!
    Bouncer – 24 days ago
    Make It Plaintain – 290 days ago
    Focus – 46 days ago
    Peely Pick – 45 days ago
    Shaolin Sit-Up – 25 days ago

    Glad the shop has some returning items! Hope you all have yourselves an amazing day or night! I'll talk to you all tomorrow!

  2. SKE LEEROC ii Reply

    It's not letting me buy it I refunded it a long time ago and they gave me the back bling for free it says I own the back bling and not the skin and I can't buy it

  3. locobabex Reply

    omg it would be my dream if i had enough vbucks for red night, can someone add me to do maybe some save the world challenges and help me get vbucksi i have 0

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