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The Fortnite *NERF* Blaster Challenge!

CAN NERF BLASTERS GET US THE VICTORY ROYALE! Lets find out! Thanks to Nerf For sponsoring this video! Join the DISCORD: https://discord.gg/muselk …


34 thoughts on “The Fortnite *NERF* Blaster Challenge!

  1. Tristan Abou-Mechrek Reply

    hi im tristan and im 6 years old and i play fortnite im level 199 i wont to get on level 300 but i cant and muselk is good at fortnite to and i watch on youtube i watch ssundee and i watch on youtube chad and vy and i watch on youtube fresh playing fortnite and i watch sigls playing fortnite on youtube and i watch on youtube biffle fortnite and i watch on youtube nico playing fortnite

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