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The NEW "Double Pump" Meta? (Revolver + Shotgun) – Fortnite Season 4

Today we check out the new Revolver + Shotgun playstyle! Do you guys think its useable? If you enjoyed, help us get to 1.1 million subs! MERCH: …


23 thoughts on “The NEW "Double Pump" Meta? (Revolver + Shotgun) – Fortnite Season 4

  1. nathan Reply

    I like sypher and respect him as a player but he barely even used the combo in this video. Over half his kills were just pump and like 2 of them were from the revolver. We all know he made this cause the legendary revolver reminded him of the deagle + pump combo, which was a great combo at it's time. But the legendary revolver sucks. It's super rare and the one time i can find it I'm disappointed. The bloom is way too high and the one time i can hit shots, it does 30. Tbh it doesn't deserve to be epic or legendary. It deserves grey and green with the same damage. Idk why he put meta bc it's not meta at all and i honestly think they should just vault it and bring back the deagle. It's not a replacement

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