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The *RANDOM* GOLD BOSS Challenge in Fortnite!

Random full gold boss mythic weapons challenge Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 gameplay with Typical Gamer! SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE BELL! Merch: …


41 thoughts on “The *RANDOM* GOLD BOSS Challenge in Fortnite!

  1. jason harvy Reply

    you know what??….. i think he hated TNTina's weapon so he acted like he forgot about the challenge so he could get someone else when it was her turn. GG TG!!!!!

  2. chris williams Reply

    To:TG do a challenge where you find any weapon and you do the flip a coin emote Heads you can have the weapon TAILS you can't and you have to find a new weapon to use and do the coin emote to deside. Your welcome

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