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This will make you a SWEAT in Fortnite Season 3..

In this video, I show you ways to improve in Fortnite! These are ways to practice that everyone will benefit from and will turn you into a try-hard, sweaty recon …


39 thoughts on “This will make you a SWEAT in Fortnite Season 3..

  1. Rodey Bros Reply

    Make sure you see the 6th tip at least! Shout out to my boy MonsterDFace for making great videos and I think that tip will help A LOT of you! New season soon…

  2. barco diaz de puug Reply

    Bro in the Philippines you get 20p ping if lucky 100 if really unlucky and everyone's using the WiFi then 900-1,100 ping
    If I can beat a sweat with 20 or 10 ping that means I'm better

  3. MCGamers Reply

    Ugh, I wanna try these tips but my ps4 overheats, like every 20 mins. I have tried to open and fix it, but I don't have an air compressor. I tried with a vacuum cleaner, those things you clean your ears with and etc. Any help without an air compressor or any of that fancy stuff? Would appeciate it. ❤

  4. Psch0man Reply

    Anyone want to duo? I’m on na east and a pretty good controller on pc player. Looking to play some scrims or arena. I’m 18 so atleast be 16 or so

  5. CloudySkies Reply

    I am not good at zonewars and I really don’t enjoy it but I do prefer box fight and I am not too bad at it but I still want to get better at the game any tips for me ?

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