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What's the BEST Weapon in Fortnite?

Assault Rifles vs Shotguns vs Pistols vs Snipers! Then Heavy AR’s vs Normal AR’s, and Pump Shotguns vs Tactical Shotguns! (100 player Fortnite Custom …


42 thoughts on “What's the BEST Weapon in Fortnite?

  1. 8;XEROX;8 ZENOX Reply

    ok well that’s YOUR opinion some people are better with some guns and some other people are better with other guns. There’s no choosing what gun is actually the best. It’s just all up to luck for who lasts the longest.

  2. The Jakester4607 Reply

    The Submachine Gun is the best gun in the game. Here me out, it has about the same bloom as the drum gun, shoots faster than drum gun. Minigun is good but SMG has faster reloading.

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