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The Green & Purple Alien Gang War Is Over.. (GTA 5)

Purple Alien Gang have surrendered. The war is over.. Become a YouTube Member https://www.youtube.com/elitestudio/join Subscribe to EliteStudio …


38 thoughts on “The Green & Purple Alien Gang War Is Over.. (GTA 5)

  1. MeshP0tat0 Reply

    I dont think its over…😂cuz i just saw bunch of purple gang aliens beating up one green alien😂😂with a hammer in gta v yesterday lolol funny as hell.

    (Poor thing for the one green alien in gta v)

  2. Austin Nelands Reply

    I’m not in green girl and purple game no Nubes I’m gonna get a fine car you’ll be dead for 100 years you’re stroking is gonna be best since you bringing your day and I see you’re gay I’m gonna be deleting your find me you’re dead I get a lot of cash I can buy in limbo your news green green green purple purple purple earrings Nubes not purple just scream sc

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