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3 BEST Champions To MAIN For EVERY ROLE in Patch 10.11 – League of Legends Season 10

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45 thoughts on “3 BEST Champions To MAIN For EVERY ROLE in Patch 10.11 – League of Legends Season 10

  1. Maciej Banysz Reply

    QOTD: I once played irelia with my brother being gnar on botlane (idk why). our team had 11 kills in total, while i had 10 of them. we managed to win because i just splitpushed top and could easily 1v3.

  2. Danielreis Reply

    QOTD:I was playing kayle mid lane with the jg afk and the adc was with a poor connection so he was losting the connection many times and rejoining so the sup went alone in the bot lane however my team managed to dont lose the game until i get level 16 and then i when i got level 16 the yummi joined inside me and i made my first pentakill right after a fed vayne make a quadrakill i destroyed 2 turrets and a inhibitor, fortunally the adc got reconnected without internet problems and i won the match in a 4vs5
    I finished the match 25/11/16 and this was back in season 9 when kayle was op btw

  3. marko markoni Reply

    idk why picking kog and ahse in solo queue basicly that suicide in low elo emobile push once get punished and maybe if their jungler and mid are preamde or have atleast a brain they will jsut dive kog and the supp and make him usseles unitl 30 mins wich the game might be over by then realy dont recomand low elo players picking kog and ashe

  4. stelios eustratiou Reply

    QOTD i made the worst dicision i duo qued and my friend dced and i plaied kayn and i endes with an 21/1/13 with 215 farm and shadow assasin i think that was the best . Olso a stolen pentakill

  5. Darkshock 42 MLG 0 Reply

    Qotd: The hardest i carried recently was when i was against 3 tanks and and i went ad shyvana. Ap does fuck all to tanks. I basically drove over them. It went on for a hour. I did also have a couple of games as talon where i got 35 kills but i dont remember those games very well.

  6. Brandon S Reply

    QOTD: hardest I ever carried was when I had 2 brain dead vegetables hooked up to PCs in the bot lane; top lane was playing lockcam and had a post-it note over his minimap and my mid didn’t have a pulse. It was quite the carry.

  7. acidshot 46 Reply

    QOTD: I was playing Qiyana with some friends and I was destroying the enemy mid laner and my team Kayle knew the enemy Kayle and decided to tell the Kayle where I was, because I was so fed. Through most the game I was going 14/1/3 the enemy team had everyone on their team fairly fed and I had to come in and help. Our Kayle wasn't doing much and eventually after another two deaths we won.

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