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37 thoughts on “EZREAL JUNGLE IS THE NEW GRAVES! MY NEW MAIN?! | League of Legends

  1. B V Reply

    sexy mom btw tarzane. she was pretty good when she wanted she go under my desk. i didnt know why at first but it felt good.

  2. CHASE KUZIO Reply

    Lol gets shit on by t1 says jg weak role blames team kp even tho from start the start of the game tarzaned was literally being countered by t1 sore loser tarzaned then tried to blame team kp when he has least kp and just got shit on from the start that’s how snowballing starts t1 started that snowball so sad this man

  3. kipisgeenmus Reply

    I have been loving your gameplay recently Tarzaned, but i was wondering whether its possible to remove the anti-ghosting overlay for your videos? Would help me a lot in understanding your pathing!

  4. iCode YT Reply

    Hey man let me be real with you
    When I first heard your brand/channel I heard a lot of negative things and it made me dislike u
    then I saw when u got ban after twitch rivals and saw the video where u were crying and it broke my heart (saw the reason why too)
    and I also saw when u did the egirl video and your mother walked in and you called her mommy, I saw the comments and people were making fun of u
    Like WTF how is this cringe/bad
    this got me thinking you just aren’t a piece of shit like people SAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN
    League made u like that (very toxic) such as me
    I love you man keep it up❤️❤️❤️
    You earned yourself a staying subscriber no matter what happens

  5. Darko Reply

    Highly recommend trying this on Graves:
    Fleet Footwork, Warrior -> Sanguine Blade -> Death Dance (or dd before sanguine)

    this builds been working pretty well for me; just curious as to how well it will for you.

  6. Evans Kaci Reply

    Hello, I am trying to learn jungle. Watching Tarzaned videos helped me a lot to optimize my clear thus gaining more time to gank. I have one problem. Sometimes, I get behind in terms of cs compared to the other jungler. I do not know how does this happen( maybe because I tend to gank often). When I do successful ganks, I do not fall that behind but when it is vice- versa, it is literally too difficult to do anything since I find myself 2 levels behind the enemy jungler. What do I do?

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