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How To Be A True Teamplayer In League of Legends #810

Watch the best League of Legends funny stream moments, memes, funny fails and pro plays from the most entertaining LoL streams all over the world! In every …


50 thoughts on “How To Be A True Teamplayer In League of Legends #810

  1. Synapse Reply

    Send your plays at synapse744@gmail.com

    C O N T E N T S (´。✪ω✪。`) :

    0:00 Bobqin
    0:11 Broeki
    0:23 Masterfiend + Yassuo
    1:09 G3tbardg3
    1:16 i0ki
    1:26 Voyboy
    1:58 Gripex
    2:05 Veralion
    2:19 Bobqin
    2:26 Hashinshin
    2:56 AdrianRiven
    3:10 Trick2g
    3:24 Brancolee
    3:35 Kevy1
    3:53 Legendachiever
    4:06 Nickichh
    4:17 i0ki
    4:33 TheUnforgiven
    4:58 Karasmai
    5:08 Bobqin
    5:23 Poly Puff
    5:36 Feviknight
    5:49 iPav
    6:08 Karasmai
    6:15 Wickd
    6:34 7vnhaz
    6:52 TheBausffs
    7:41 LS
    7:57 Tokyodamonsta
    8:12 Gripex
    8:27 i0ki
    8:40 Yassuo
    8:54 Gosu
    9:05 Hashinshin
    10:04 Sirhcez
    11:28 Ausaja
    10:50 Focimaki
    11:12 Shiphtur

    All stream links in the video description, enjoy!

  2. Eric Hoover Reply

    Hash mains Aatrox at a 47% win rate in diamond 3, who gives a fuck if he makes a decent play every once and a while if he doesn't understand how to win games from a macro standpoint

  3. WinterTech Gaming Reply

    That first one is fake. You're supposed to die saving your teammate and then the teammate along with the rest of the team will flame you for dying unnecessarily.
    Then when u say you were trying to save him, he'll say he would've loved even if u didn't take the shot for him

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