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HUGE RANKED UPDATE: Promos GONE + Report Punishments & MORE – League of Legends

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42 thoughts on “HUGE RANKED UPDATE: Promos GONE + Report Punishments & MORE – League of Legends

  1. Corey Johnson Reply

    League is the first and only game i have quit playing due to the community, i don't want to spend 30 minutes in a game just to have my top laner decide to run it down with zero consequence, the report system is highly flawed, only punishes players who "flame" while continuing to let the trolls to ruin the game for everyone else. Uninstalling league was hard, but i feel way better without that toxicity in my life.

  2. Mittag Reply

    I have mixed feelings about promotion series. Obviously it causes frustration when you just happen to have two or three unlucky games, especially with some quitter. But I like the idea with something special between ranks, that marks the progress. With just automatic promotion after improving some hidden elo you don't even see you wouldn't feel these milestones of progression.

  3. Kevin Riley Reply

    Bro they need to fix freaking mmr too the last 5 times ive played ranked my lowest teammate was silver 1 the others were gold 4 or higher and im freaking bronze 2 i mean what the heck its impossible to climb when your mmr goes up but your rank doesn't

  4. Ej Villegas Reply

    Honestly I stop playing league 2 months ago the amount of smurfs account had flooded silver, gold & plat is freaking annoying the fact Riot “work” so hard on promising us to fix the match making is absolutely bullshit we been waiting for this to happen since forever. Don’t even get me started on champion select you’ll see a troll picker when you see one “I’m looking at you “teemo mains” honestly I couldn’t count how many times I’ve lost my promo from this scumbags going 0/10 fed their freaking garen or urgot we work so hard on getting those points but all that for nothing! Even if we report these people we hardly get any respond from whoever deal with this reports they should make the punishment tougher like really tough like they should temporary ban 10 champs plus the champs they use to troll that game something like that then they should have like a time limit so they know when to use it again.

    I honestly love this game since season 2
    But since the community in this game is so toxic I decided to take a break. I play other games now but if the dev team promise they’ll make a significant change then I’ll keep my eye on it and wait until it goes live then may be I’ll come again to play.

  5. Mark Playz Reply

    Promos are annoying I can do amazing getting S almost every game. But as soon as I reach promos I get a team that is straight trashhhhh. Feeding, fighting for no reason, crying and complaining about everything, supports suck.

  6. Nerokin Reply

    Why the hell would you put the frustration of waiting for 1 hour over the frustration of losing a game after 1 hour, because of bad match making? I actually enjoy your videos due to the high information. Still, I constantly down vote all of them, because it appears that you also just care about the money. You are stating this very clear in every single video. This is letting you look as worse as the rito client..
    You are trying to be professional, but you ain't.

  7. Iyehvah Reply

    I love the idea of having to prove yourself In promos in order to achieve the next rank.. But with promos it takes a lot out of your control hence the damn feeders and trolls. I think it should be taken out of the game but somehow keep that "proving yourself" mentality if possible.

  8. Brian Kwon Reply

    still waiting for riot to do something so innocent people don't get punished for dodging games where a support instalocks yasuo and says "running it down mid"

  9. rico joe Reply

    stop putting lower rank people in my silver 1 matches. if u want to make ranked better u dont need to push a lower ranking person on someones team to make the match harder for a promo because this has happened to my promos almost every time i get a person 2 ranks below what i am competing against to prove that i can get the next rank. no one needs an iron 1 to compete in silver1 going for gold and competing against golds and silvers on the team against them.

  10. John Dan Reply

    riot should ban people who play a role/champ for the first time
    i really dont get it
    why would u wanne play a champ u never played before, in ranked? i really would like to ask these people directly

  11. V. Marauder Reply

    1 qestion when they ban people for inting 0 10? not for toxic who spaming… chat ban for int and dont give them chance play again on ma team or make function if some one play 0 10 im never play with kinde of players make them play on same team if you play 0 10 you play with same people who got same score 0 10

  12. naigers rs Reply

    When I won my promos to get gold 4 I went on a 6 game win streak to get gold 3 and literally had the same kind troll both games in a row. That tilted me and I went ahead and lost a few more games.

    Next day I win 3 in a row to get into promos with 1 free win, but my team has one fill guy that goes vayne jungle and you know the rest… its tragic , that's why I dont play the game as often anymore . Promos with in the same rank is so fuxking toxic and people at 0 LP will int just to fuxk with you….

  13. Peyman Yaghoubi Reply

    The problem is that you only get banned if u say kys or f words or you live in Iran and Syria like me , if u don’t do this you won’t get banned , you are free to feed int troll flame or anything you want

  14. hapythots Reply

    The hardest part of the game are the players that just don't belong in ranked. First time champ users, kids that just walk to the enemy team and face tank every move, kids that don't listen to pings, refuse to group and just solo farm for 40 minutes. How are you gonna go 0/11 and constantly lose all your matches but still be gold 1? And they always just blame someone else. Everything seems fine, but those players need to get shipped to the bottom. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about.

  15. Mannerless Entertainment Reply

    A promo series has nothing to do with anything, you've already proven yourself capable of getting there, now it's time to prove you can stay, not risk your position and sanity on the whims of random twats that grow like moss in a pond. I still remember when I got the promo series from B1 to Silver, as my literal first game crashed in the lobby for an auto loss (thanks Riot!) next I had a game where we hard won only to hard lose in the last 5 mins, and then after that, without a lie nor exaggeration, I had the worst game of my league career. It was so bad I recorded it and invited my friends over for drinks just so we could laugh our asses off at what we saw. I lost my promo's in less than one hour due to circumstance and bullshit, all while dying a total of 3 times and doing my job to a T. I lost and it was for no reason other than fuck and you. Simple.

  16. zardcoregamer Reply

    Ever tried to kill a bunch of rats in a sewer? Ever tried to defeat cancer? Ever tried to pull up weeds? And all that without it coming back? Same goes with toxicity in online games. Just give people temporary bans first. Most people won't change and keep toxicity tho. Then if it doesn't work cut the Riot points they get, so if they buy some for 10 bucks they get just 75%. And cut their skin offers in the shop, as well as all their loot drops in the crafting menu. All that for a month. Make life in the game more and more unhappy and make them notice why. If they still behave toxic, then perma ban their account 'cause its like letting an unwanted and misbehaving stranger into your house. This should do the trick, Riot. Safe your game.

  17. Zack 2347 Reply

    Just last night, I'm playing in gold two, bouncing off my promos for the 4th time this year, and I get matched against a plat 3 irelia onetrick that just smurfed my entire team. And then I got a bronze 2 ziggs top the next game. Smh

  18. Lavariver Reply

    Im realy interested how does it work, in soloque my matchmaking is so High that every game from Iron to low bronz i played against Gold players and finaly when i have promo into silver i get plat 2 platplayers and 1 low diamon player against me. Just reminding this was in bronz 1 with 2win 1lose situation. Game ended realy slowly, but becouse of our awesome 3/13 jg vole and feed enemy Master yi game was unwinable and i couldnt carry as adc. Every time i ended up dead in team fight becouse of yi Flash q me

  19. Chris Scott Reply

    This guy nailed it.

    I’m silver 3 and am playing every single solo/duo game against gold 2-plat 3 players. It was just gold 3-2 but then I went on a 16 game win streak and went from bronze 2 up to silver 3, now its plat players.

    I find it extremely frustrating that to get out of silver I have to beat people at the rank my mmr places me.

    If I’m silver, match me with silver players so I can climb out quicker. A 54% WR against Plat players should be enough to get out of silver or even hit silver 1 but I’m consistently being halted in my promos as the match making system gives the enemy team gold 2-plat3 while my team is either silver 4-1 or unranked.

    Shits getting old af.

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