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League of Legends Wild Rift Alpha Test: Soraka Gameplay

Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/alexmuller Download size: ~1.7GB Subscribe my channel for more videos: http://bit.ly/2n6LtoO Music: Intro: Veorra & The Tech …


45 thoughts on “League of Legends Wild Rift Alpha Test: Soraka Gameplay

  1. Jean Paiva Reply

    Muito burro mds, o mapa tá espelhado, aparece antes de entrar em partida e ainda tem uns iconeszinhos pra mostrar onde é bot e onde é top. Falou mal da Ashe mas é ele que fez cagada

  2. Miki Mochi Reply

    Ignoring that he's going to the wrong lane…. I'm really, really irked by the fact that Soraka uses her ulti lines when healing allies with W. "Live" "For life!"…. When I connect that to her using R instead of W, it's kind of disorienting. Am I the only one?

  3. Neom Art Reply

    Why are you all keep fighting about lane?
    Pro player doesn't care about which lane they pick and can carry their team with their main heroes. Stop toxic

  4. Baz Tu Patron Reply

    Wild Rift devs are missing a HUGE opportunity by not giving youtube content creators of mobile mobas a chance to play, they would spread the game like no one else and be the best alpha testers, would give full feedback on champs and builds and mechanics, also that would help viewers and future players understand the game better and make us more hype about playing it (because understanding something = want to try it for ourselves in mobas) I hope moba youtubers are the first choice to get to play it, I would feel better knowing about everything from them

  5. Fernando junior Reply

    Wada quando vc cai na parte de cima do mapa a ''parte vermelha'' o mapa é invertido para que vc possa ver melhor enquanto joga, nesse caso, quando o mapa está invertido o atirador e o suporte vão na rota de cima e o lutador/tank vai na de baixo, por isso a ashe foi para o "top" e o garem foi para o "bot".

  6. Rayan animation Reply

    I felt anxiety watching soraka go to the wrong lane, I mean I sometimes go top or ad soraka I'm sure everyone did but only after I mastered her and i mostly do this with my friends when we decide to troll

  7. Rossmel paul Natividad Reply

    Soraka: goes top lane
    Me: Oof
    Soraka: Constantly Recalls
    Me: Ooof
    Soraka: Does not touch her ward until 4 mins
    Me: Oooof
    Soraka: Constantly follows Xin Zhao
    Me: Ooooof… oh she in the right lane now… halfway into the game…
    Soraka: All by herself midlane
    Me: violent inhale

  8. Rafael Serafim Bazeth Reply

    Na verdade o seu adc tava certo. O mapa espelhou e você deveria ter ido pro top com ele, pois o top virou o bot (onde o garen tava e você não deveria estar ali) e o bot virou top (onde a ashe tava e você deveria estar com ela). era só vc ver a linha roxa e azul no chão perto da base.

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