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MASSIVE CHANGES: New Buffs & REWORKS Coming in Patch 10.12 – League of Legends

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43 thoughts on “MASSIVE CHANGES: New Buffs & REWORKS Coming in Patch 10.12 – League of Legends

  1. Lukas Hruby Reply

    They keep buffing OP champs and nerfing the bad ones. For example they buffed Tristana and Vayne and nerfed Janna last patch and this time they nerf Yasuo (which is not good mid laner in compare to other broken mid laners) and buff Senna… classic

  2. Casmo Loves Reply

    QOTD:Syndra. I killed this bitch and got first blood, and then she misses every spell except ult and one q and kills me while i was almost full hp. Somebody nerf her.

  3. Kristýna Wenzlová Reply

    QOTD: Teemo, every teemo i meet just stands and autoattacks, it’s horrible to look at even of he is on my team… also the chanpion itself look pretty bad and his skins look even worse than the default. And Beemo sound effects are just cringe…

  4. DAVE Reply

    QOTD: Fiora, Irelia, Pyke, Ghost Darius, and Qiyana. I stopped playing league pretty much exclusively because every one of these coexisted at the same time. at least two per mach.

  5. Lloyd AuCoin Reply

    Nerfs trundle movement speed. Makes approach velocity extremely op for people like darius, nasus, and guess who else…. Trundle. They gave Trundle a 5% movement speed buff if they take that rune.

  6. werther Reply

    the guardian changes feel a little weird as now burst adcs like tristana who's early game is dependent on one source of damage are now useless into guardian

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