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Patch 10.12 Rundown | League of Legends

Patch notes: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/news/game-updates/patch-10-12-notes/


24 thoughts on “Patch 10.12 Rundown | League of Legends

  1. Noob Guides Reply

    Huge thing Phreak missed. Akali at lvl 9 with gunblade now can 1 shot caster minions, making it way easier for her to roam and have lane prio. I think it will be a huge change in winrate for her.

  2. Ackelope Reply

    I feel like the Varus build winrate difference based on build is a pretty good thing to have a discussion around, and also to show why it's nice to have very detailed stats from websites, when possible. Since the differences between the two major Varus builds is pretty huge in terms of damage-dealing style, damage profiling, and effectiveness against different champion types, I'd expect the winrate of each build to go up and down relative to each of those matchups, with the overall winrate of the champion suffering if one build reaches overwhelming popularity. If you're playing on-hit Varus on a team with few good ways to support and defend you, against a team of assassins and mages, you'd be trolling if you were building on-hit DPS. Similarly, if you're playing lethality Varus when your team has no other reliable sources of DPS and the opposing team has 2 or 3 tanks, chances are high you're gonna feel relatively useless that game.

    Basically, if one of the main two types of Varus builds ever breaks through as the go-to Varus build and there are people building it EVERY game regardless of circumstance, I'd expect his winrate to suffer to some extent in both cases (though less so with the lethality build, since it emphasizes strength earlier on in the game, before tank itemization and other factors matter as much)

    I honestly have not looked at all of the stats, but from the cases that I have checked, on-hit Varus tends to succeed against tanks and juggernauts, less mobile targets that have more trouble getting to him, but also need a more anti-tank build to kill effectively, while lethality is generally better in most other situations, which makes sense to me, and feels in line with most of what I posited above. So his winrate and also which build appears to be 'superior' depends more on the most common choices in the game, and how each of Varus' quite variable strengths stacks up against them.

    i'm not sure that I conveyed all of my thoughts as well as I'm hoping I did, so please give me any criticisms you have, whether it has to deal with organization, concept, or actual data.

  3. Anvos Reply

    Phreak, you mentioned over a year ago in a Patch Rundown that you might go over the balance changes to Runes Reforged from their release to their current state!
    Is that something you still would like to look into?

  4. Redesignated Clockwork Reply

    I can't help but wonder what implications the mana restore have for Brand jungle, besides Brand mid. He's one of the few mage junglers that have heavy health-scaling damage, but unfortunately doesn't seem to bring anything particularly special to the jungle itself to make him more worthwhile there over mid or support.

    If he wants mana in the first place, Brand is the type of champion that stands to benefit from Hextech GLP more than Luden's Echo (with or without the full Glacial Augment rundown, he can make very strong use of Hextech GLP just to guarantee skillshots + Electrocute procs in the same way that Veigar does).

  5. Martin Berlese Reply

    I don't know, popping both summs to have a 50% tenacity engage with full health was the only use I gave to unflinching, why do I want tenacity after doing my job as a tank?

  6. The Game Reply

    Its so funny comparing LS and Phreaks patch notes. Last patch: LS- ResidentSleeper patch, the worst patch of the year, doesn't change anything.
    Phreak-hour long video explaining how it is a big deal and going through all changes and not just shitting on riot balance team.
    LS- akali will gain maybe 0.2% winrate, maybe even have lower winrate this patch.
    Phreak- 1.5-2% higher winrate.
    And so on.. its crazy how people have such different views and yet i love watching both of them

  7. ryxka1 Reply

    I think Volibears biggest issue is if he builds health/resist he doesn’t do enough damage, if he builds AP he can burst but then falls flat, if he builds AD he’s not bruiser enough. In all situations you mights as well play a Sett or Darius. I think they should have him scale with AP ratios for his damage on all abilities like a Cho’gath and most of his kit issues will be fixed

  8. Hailfire Spawn Reply

    I’m looking forward to try the new ghost. One of my favorite gameplay hook is increasing the length of an ability via kills and assist. I’m going to have fun getting ghost resets on champions such as volibear, aatrox and especially hecarim

  9. gregsmw Reply

    i dont know what hes talking about with "ultimates have much lower ratios then the rest of the kit"
    most ad and ap building champions (not tanks and juggernauts) ultis base damage can very easily be out scaled by item stats

  10. TraXXXtar Reply

    "yasuo has brought more joy than despair". considering he was the champ that started the whole "our X champion vs enemies X champion" you couldnt have picked a worse example for that claim lol. thats hard to say about a lot of champs. i mean only 1 person can play teemo per match. it can be fun to play him, and im sure the majority of players have played him, but he wouldnt have a negative meme association like yasuo (teemo being the devil/satan) if more people werent annoyed at playing against him

  11. Chase Crappel Reply

    Hey Phreak, was wondering what you think about this? My argument is that Ignite itself is a bit too strong.

    Lifesteal goes into what I began to iterate one when I said ADC's die before the 5second ignite is done with. If an adc deals 150damage per auto lets say with BORK 12% LS. That is an 18Hp per auto attack. Now adding grievous on top of that, 18 is then reduced to 10.8 or 11 to round up. If an ADC autos 10 times in those 5 seconds, (this is me just high balling it for the sake of this discussion) that is 110 health healed. So lets just say lvl 11 again, heal is reduced to 144 and LS adds 110. Thats 254HP gained when ignite deals 270 damage at lvl 11. Ignite still outdamages the lifesteal and the heal used.

  12. The Chillin Reply

    @Phreak apparently in game values haven't matched intended values for a bunch of patches now. .5 armor / mr off intended values so every 2 levels every champ I tested loses 1 armor/ mr

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