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RANK 1 GRAVES + FACECAM!! | League of Legends

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47 thoughts on “RANK 1 GRAVES + FACECAM!! | League of Legends

  1. Deus Vult Reply

    What i do not understand is why is he pressing tab for the scoreboard just to have it like a split second. He cannot see anything in it, 100%. He keeps doing this while farming, even fighting..what is the fucking point.
    Please don't tell me he sees items or scores or w/e in like 0.2 seconds. That ain't true. Seems like some pro player tick thing that they keep press cuz they are autistic?

  2. Jeremiah Bish Reply

    im totally down with this tabi tenacity rune thing sir. most guides for jg recommend treads if needed but then youre choosing..alacrity is ok but not many ganks last long enough for a ton of AA as far as ive noticed..and a lot of jg arent even useful in huge team fights and will just be flanking and poking and needing to run away. or if you fall behind and need extra help getting away..so good


    great job on another video tarzaned, keep up the great work. if you feel up to it, maybe you can make a guide on beginner champ for jungle to play on this patch. i hope you keep making videos, we're all rooting for you.

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