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48 thoughts on “RANK 1 JUNGLER PLAYS REWORKED VOLIBEAR!| League of Legends

  1. Forren Reply

    This is shit ! Attacks with vayne and sylas at his back a squishy, then says what insane dmg this champ is 1v9 DAFUQ ? Sylas hits for 20% of vlads heallth voli hits for 7% damn look at my dmg ? 😀

  2. solotopp Reply

    Maybe a WW type build in the jg? He has ad ratios. Idk. Bork may be better dps in an extended fight with conq and his passive; so maybe against tankier teams. Red enchant and tiamat maybe for more burst against squishier comps.

  3. Alexander Abramov Reply

    Definitely feels like he could use some early cdr and maybe a rageblade would be a good last item once you're tanky enough. More penetration for insane ult base damage, late game passive is basically an AoE Wit's End passive, good combo with botrk

  4. Darkshock 42 MLG 0 Reply

    Thank god volibear's ult has a long ass cd. That means he cant do it every time i get back to lane. I still play top but im mostly a jg. Ive been taking shyvana top simce the koreans are abusing it.

  5. Nicolas Iven Reply

    Ive seen many clips from and was always wondering why you only have like 200k subs as rank1 jungler but now I know, its because of your holy damn shitty ego wtf. Its not even like watching tyler, he is kinda cool with the stuff hes doing, you are just annoying as fuck.

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