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Riven vs Darius Guide – #01 (Best Build, Runes, Gameplay) League of Legends Season 10

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42 thoughts on “Riven vs Darius Guide – #01 (Best Build, Runes, Gameplay) League of Legends Season 10

  1. Farook Mhameed Reply

    Thank you !
    I was confident for the first time in ever to take riven against darius.
    My premade: 😮
    Me a humble riven gold player with 90%+wr on her in my past games :😮
    The 1 mil darius otp: 😮

  2. Xanda 202 Reply

    I watched all your riven VS morde matchups but I still can't seem to win too hard. I usually go 0/0 or 1/0 but I still can never 1v1 him after he gets 2 items

  3. Exile Reply

    Can we see your thought process through champ select? Like why you would pick a certain champ (not just riven) against the opposing team and why you pick certain runes based on the other team’s champions

  4. Satanic Reply

    Thanks for the guides.
    I would like to see more guides about Pantheon and lately some ADCs started to show up top lane.
    Keep up the good work !

  5. Dennis K. Reply

    So the Combo if Darius grabs you is like e, r, w, q, right? Do you want to make sure you auto atack inbetween your spells? Or are the spells enough to burst him down or only need to auto atack at the end a few times?

  6. Ahri Fox Reply

    I'm gonna be adding bullet points here for things I feel you could have done better here. Not knocking your guide or anything, But from what I've learned playing the matchup and watching your vids is that Darius is a very easy matchup if you play smart, and patiently.

    1:46 When Darius wasted his E and W, you could have went in for a q-aa-q-aa e-q away combo. When he has no grab up, you ar free to do a trade regardless if he has ignite or not since he cant pull you. All he has up is Q, and if he uses it he'll only hit you with the handle which means no stack, and no heal so its a free trade. I'm only scared when a Darius player uses his E smartly to cancel my third Q or use it to bring me back after a trade when my skills are on CD.

  7. Mati Gzm Reply

    Am I the only one that miss the full old intro? "Hello guys and welcome back yet again to another season 10 educational Riven gameplay :)" Haha, btw nice vid ❣️

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